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  •  ! Strappado wrote:
    Reissued in 2018 by Cult Metal Classics ... tic%20ryte

    Artist:     Majestic Ryte
    Release: Demo (1988)
    Genre:    Power Metal
    Country: USA (New York)
    Bitrate:   cbr224
    Self-released demo tape. Their only output. - Nothing known about this short-lived band.

    Requested by ConanOfSteel. - Uploader 'insane surgeon' also posted his version, you might want to check it also.
    01.  Dark Stalker  (02:50)
    02.  Survivor  (03:12)
    03.  Eternal Passage  (05:22)
    04.  Promise of Power  (03:15)
    05.  A Breed apart  (05:25)

    RunningWild wrote:Does anybody know wheter this tape had coverart or j-card or something?
    Anyone knows anything at about this band?
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    metal archives lists track 3 as eternal paradise. i left it passage cause i figure whoever ripped it in 2006 should know. metal archives is known for typos and mistakes. i listened to it in itunes, and i couldn't hear passage or paradise so when in doubt, i leave it. it's a cool demo. thanks!
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    Reissued in 2018 by Cult Metal Classics ... tic%20ryte

    Hailing from New York, MAJESTIC RYTE have become through the years an underground legend. The band started in the mid 80's and recorded a 5 song album loaded with powerful U.S. heavy / power metal with vocals reminiscent of early FATES WARNING and epic lyrics about warlords, dragons and battles.

    Their only same-titled album came out in 1988 as a limited edition cassette EP and thanks to the internet it gained a cult following mostly due to its superb quality and also because it was not easy to find and therefore the band members were unknown for quite some time.

    After a 4-year quest to locate all original band members and negotiate a deal with them, we're in the pleasant position to announce a reissue of their classic album for the first time on CD, featuring killer remastered sound, fat booklet with band story, lyrics and photos of the band.

    If you're not familiar with the band, be prepared for an unrelentless sonic assault and some of the best heavy/power/epic metal the 80's had to offer!

    1. Dark Stalker
    2. Survivor
    3. Eternal Paradise
    4. Promise Of Power
    5. A Breed Apart
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