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    Artist: Merciless Death
    Release: Evil In The Night, CD 2006
    Label: Heavy Artillery Records, Heavy Artillery HA5-5001-2-8
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Country: United States, Canyon Country, California
    Bitrate: 320kbps & Lossless WAV
    Info: Merciless Death are a Thrash Metal Band That Formed
    in the Year of 2003 by Guitarist Dan Holder and Along With Bassist & Vocalist Andy Torres
    The First Line-up Was Dan Holder, Andy Torres, Mike Griego & Cesar Torres
    Mike Left the Band due to Personal Differences

    in 2004 Merciless Death Recorded Their First Demo Under the New Line-up of
    Dan Holder (Guitar), Andy Torres (Bass, Vox) & Cesar Torres (Drums)
    The Demo was Tittled Annihilate The Masses (Wich i'm Still Looking for)
    Then in 2006 They Record Evil In The Night and Released a Promo CD for the Album
    They Self-Released the Album on the Same Year, But a Year Later the Band Got a Deal With Upcoming Label
    Heavy Artillery Records, Heavy Artillery Then Reissued it With Different Artwork
    But According to Dan Holder, He Had a Another Idea for the Artwork Dirrection Before the Woman Being Attacked by Zombies Wich His Dirrection for the Artwork Was to Feature a Shadowy Figure Standing on a Mountain or Something Holding Up a Head by it's Hair, With Blood and Guts Falling from the Bottom of the Head,
    and Falling on the Ground & on His Other Hand Holding a Knife, Obviously Giving the Inclination That He Just Beheaded the Victim (You Can Read the Whole Thing here)
    But Then When it Came to the Reisue By Heavy Artillery They Had Infamous Ed Repka to Do the Artwork
    Then in 2008 The Band Was Feutred on Heavy Artillery's Revised
    Speed Kills (Wich Was a Series of Compilations in the Late 80's Originaly by Record Label Music for Nations) But With a Revamped Tittle Speed Kills...Again Wich Featured the Bands of: MERCILESS DEATH, AVENGER OF BLOOD, ENFORCER (Swe), TOXIC HOLOCAUST, HATRED (Ita) & WARBRINGER
    The Tracks by Merciless Death That Were Fetured on That Comp Were 2 New Tracks One of 'em Was a Unreleased Track & the Second Was an Earlier Version of Tombs of the Dead (Wich This Track Would Be Re-Recored for Their Second Release and Last Record on Heavy Artillery Tittled Realm of Terror)

    This the Release Done By Heavy Artillery Records Wich This Copy has Become Has Now Become Quite Rare Now
    Due to the Fact That Heavy Artillery Records is Now Inactive

    Ripped This CD By Using EAC & Added Pics to Both the 320 Archive & the WAV Archive
    1. Slaughter Lord
    2. Deadly Assault
    3. Command Of Death
    4. Burn In Hell
    5. Exumer
    6. Act Of Violence
    7. The Final Slaughter
    8. Ready To Kill

    Dan Holder, Guitar
    Cesar Torre, Drums
    Andy Torres, Bass/Vox
    If Any of My Links End up Dead i Will Re-up 'em as Soon as Possible
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    Officially for sale by Earache Records.
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