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    re-released , 2013, To The Power Of Ten ‎(CD), Canyon International, PCCY-01974 ... se/7513856
    Artist: Praying Mantis
    Release: To The Power Of Ten (1995)
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 192kbps


    Great album with Gary Barden on vox

    Line Up
    Gary Barden - Vocals
    Dennis Stratton - Lead Guitar
    Tino Troy - Guitar
    Chris Troy - Bass
    Bruce Bisland - Drums

    To The Power Of Ten begins the Gary Barden era of Praying Mantis. Barden's vocals brought a stability to the band for a while and helped them further flesh out the arena rock anthem sound that has become the hallmark of Praying Mantis' music.

    This album is a mixed bag. There are some terrific compositions on it and a few that fans would just as soon forget. The remix of "Only the Children Cry" is not as good as the original one done with Mark Thompson-Smith at the microphone.
    This album also sees a continuation of the more intense focus on the songwriting. The "mixed bag" feel comes more from the way the songs don't flow comfortably together. They are all over the map in tone and theme. I think that may be partly due to the constant shuffle in lead singers that Praying Mantis experienced in the early 90's. The reaching in several directions at once and experimenting with a wide variety of musical expressions are all part of the growing pains experienced by all bands. It is a testimony to the resolve of the core of this band that they weathered the storms of growth and "came of age" during this time. The results of the growth are seen in the discs released from 1998 and on. The time spent on the road after the release of this disc gave the band a period of introspection that is reflected in those albums.
    1. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
    2. Bring On The Night
    3. Ball Of Confusion
    4. Welcome To My Hollywood
    5. Another Time, Another Place
    6. To The Power Of Ten
    7. Little Angel
    8. Victory
    9. Only The Children Cry
    10. Night And Day
    11. Angry Man
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