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    2017 Valentine ‎(CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered) Rock Candy CANDY352 ... e/11039373
    Artist: Valentine
    Release: Valentine (Japan Edition) (1990) + all scans
    Genre: Melodic Hard Rock , AOR
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 320 kbps + all scans
    Size : 169 mb
    Line Up:
    Hugo lead vocals
    Neil Christopher drums
    Adam Holland guitars
    Craig Pullman keyboards
    Gerard Zappa bass
    1. Runnin' On Luck Again 5:54
    2. No Way 3:46
    3. Tears In The Night 5:29
    4. Too Much Is Never Enough 4:51
    5. Never Said It Was Gonna Be Easy 6:49
    6. Where Are You Now 4:38
    7. Naughty Girl 4:25
    8. Once In A Lifetime 3:41
    9. Someday 4:08
    10. We Run 3:49
    11. You'll Always Have Me 5:29

    It all started when childhood friends Adam Holland and Gerard Zappa began playing in various bands back in high school. Graduating to the Long Island club circuit along with Neil Christopher on drums, they always had a strong focus on writing, recording and performing original material. This led them to talented writer keyboard player Craig Pullman. Always looking for that certain special voice, their path eventually led them to Hugo. Valentine was formed.With a brief move to LA; major management, label and publishing deals soon followed. With the demos recorded by producer Neil Kernon, (Hall and Oates, The Romantics, Dokken) Valentine was signed to Columbia Records. They soon went into the studio to record their first CD. Soon after the recording was completed, personnel changes at Columbia forced the band off of the label before it’s release. Fortunately their A&R person moved to Giant Records taking Valentine with him. The band finally released their debut CD in late 1990 and the MTV video for “No Way”, featuring Aly Sheedy.Valentine also wrote and performed songs for the movie “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter Is Dead” Starring Christina Applegate. After many issues with Giant Records and personnel changes within the group, the band reformed as Open Skyz. After almost a solid year of writing without a label, a new deal with RCA/Zito soon followed. With much relief, the band headed back to LA, into the studio with producers Ritchie Zito (Eddie Money, Cheap Trick, Heart, Cher) and Rob Jacobs. (Don Henley, The Eagles, U2) This CD provided several singles, including the top 20 AOR single “Every Day Of My Life”.Adding Tom Maio on drums, the band headed out on tour opening for Mr. Big and Kiss. Once n Weary after almost a decade of music industry ups and downs, jumping from label to label to label, the members of Open Skyz went their separate ways. Hugo went on to record three critically acclaimed solo records (please add info), Adam headed down to Nashville as a writer with Murrah Music, Gerard became involved in the management side of the business and Craig continued writing with various collaborators. (including Adam & Hugo) Although the group always remained close friends and would write and perform together in various combinations, there was never an official Valentine/Open Skyz reunion.Until now that is. With an invitation to play at Firefest IV, Valentine officially reunited bringing Evolution drummer Mike Morales along on drums. The response at Firefest was so fantastic, it has inspirited the guys to go back and record new material for a 2008 release. After returning from the Firefest UK show, keyboard player, writer and archivist, Craig Pullman disclosed an amazing discovery to the rest of the band. He uncovered all of the completed Valentine demos that were going to be used for the second CD. As the band progressed into Open Skyz and changed musical directions, these songs were never recorded. A few of these songs did make it onto Hugo’s early solo CDs – “Crazy” , Find A Way” and “If You’re Ever Lonely”. The band has also decided to re record the classic ballad “Never Said It Was Going To Be Easy” from the original Valentine CD. According to guitarist Adam Holland “ This song was always one of our favorites.Somehow in 2008 it has taken on a totally different bluesy feel. We are all excited about it and looking forward to recording the new version”. Well there you have it. A new album Soul Salvation release date Nov 2008.

    Album review:
    Towards the end of the hair metal era, Valentine released their debut album. Valentine’s sound was in the AOR/Melodic Rock style, with a little bit of hair metal flair for good measure. Valentine’s singer Hugo was a great new unheard talent, that should have propelled this band into mass appeal. He has a good range to his voice that is rarely heard amongst today’s rock singers.This CD has it all, solid musicianship, great vocals and good songs. Those that got their hands on this disc treasure it, and those that didn’t get it while it was in print, have paid through the nose to acquire a copy off of Ebay or the like. This CD has been out of print for years and has been selling for $60.00 or more.Sadly, this CD got very little promotion, and by 1994 the band had broken up. I vaguely recall Valentine being a guest on a second rate talk show ( I can’t remember which one) but that was about the extent of the promotion this band, and CD received. It is a shame as this is a very good disc that RRRsmall5very few people got to hear.This CD will likely appeal to fans of bands like Journey, Hardline and other of the melodic rock style.Valentine reunited last year, and have a new myspace page, where you can find out about the band’s latest happenings.Valentine recently put out a blog that their songs will be available for download via and I-Tunes, but they are not available as of yet. If you spot a copy of this CD, buy it, and give your significant other the ultimate Valentine!
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