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    Do not re-upload ! still for sale by the record label !

    Artist: Hallows Eve
    Release: History of Terror, Compilation 2006
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Country: USA (Atlanta, Georgia)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
    Disc 1:
    Tales of Terror
    Death & Insanity
    Rehearsals June 1984 - Tracks 20 and 21

    Disc 2:
    1st DEMO "Tales of Terror" - Tracks 9 and 10
    Rehearsals May 1984 - Tracks 11 [Exciter cover], 12, 13 [Alice Cooper cover] and 14

    Disc 3:
    Live 11/27/85 "CBGB's" Manhattan, NY - Tracks 1 through 9
    Live 11/24/85 Essex, MD - Tracks 10 and 11
    Live 12/18/86 "SWIZZLES" York, PA - Tracks 12 through 16
    Live 8/17/85 The Montreal Palladium, Canada - Tracks 17 and 18
    Disc 1
    1. Plunging to Megadeath
    2. Outer Limits
    3. Horrorshow
    4. The Mansion
    5. There Are No Rules
    6. Valley of the Dolls (Instrumental)
    7. Metal Merchants
    8. Hallows Eve
    9. Death and Insanity
    10. Goblet of Gore
    11. Leathal Tendencies
    12. Obituary (Instrumental)
    13. Plea of the Aged
    14. Suicide
    15. D. I. E. (Death In Effect)
    16. Attack of the Iguana (Instrumental)
    17. Nefarious
    18. Nobody Lives Forever
    19. Death and Insanity (Reprise)
    20. The Mansion
    21. Metal Prisoners

    Disc 2
    1. Speed Freak
    2. Sheer Heart Attack
    3. Rot Gut
    4. Monument
    5. Pain Killer
    6. The Mighty Decibel
    7. The Righteous Ones
    8. No Sanctuary
    9. Hallows Eve
    10. Metal Merchants
    11. Scream in the Night
    12. There Are No Rules
    13. Eighteen
    14. Hallows Eve

    Disc 3
    1. Plunging to Megadeath
    2. Valley of the Dolls
    3. Suicide
    4. Attack of the Iguana
    5. Lethal Tendencies
    6. Evil Offerings
    7. The Mansion
    8. Metal Merchants
    9. Hallows Eve
    10. Plea of the Aged
    11. Horrorshow
    12. Goblet of Gore
    13. Nefarious
    14. Death and Insanity
    15. Lethal Tendencies
    16. D. I. E.
    17. Nefarious
    18. Horrorshow
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    Excellent box set here - I have it, also comes with a DVD - I really like it when beautiful sets like this one come out (and Fates Warning and Omen and others that have gotten such nice treatment - I always buy these right away. So many other classic bands deserve this deluxe treatment! For Hallows Eve, Tales of Terror is a masterpiece of melodic thrash! Death and Insanity was ok but missing something for me. And I never really got into Monument much. But still, this release is packed with tons of extras, a must have.
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    ''Tales of Terror'' is a cult 80's metal monument, ''Death & Insanity'' is very good but still inferior and ''Monument'' had one great song, i.e. ''Painkiller''.
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    Got to check out this box !

    I bought the vinyl 'Tales of Terror' the same month it came out.

    No idea how many hundred times I must have played it.
    Especially closing track 'Hallow's Eve - including routine' (never really understood this title ?, can someone enlighten me ?) is a genuine beauty. And although I haven't heard this track for a while now I think I still can sing a long three quarters of the lyrics !! (metal2)

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    Yeah i Own it To the Live Stuff is Good the DVD Is Monumental and Tales of Terror is a Great Album Death and Insanity I Like Monument i Like Too Their Cover of Sheer Heart Attack is Decent At Least They Made it Their Own But Overall a Great Boxset
    If Any of My Links End up Dead i Will Re-up 'em as Soon as Possible
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    Shame about Monument, the first two records were solid slabs from a great band. The melting pot of poignant traditional roots, with more aggressive proto- thrash tendencies, made them unique.
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