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    United States

    Hard FM , Melodic Rock , Hard Rock

    Joanna Dean (born Joanna Dean Jacobs) is a singer songwriter. She released the album Misbehavin in 1989. Compared to Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt she received good credits. With the band Bad Romance she released the album Code of Honor in 1990. She had a record deal with Polydor.Joanna Dean was one of the most promising artists of the late '80s. Signed to a major deal with Polydor, she was compared to Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raiit following the release of her debut album, Misbehavin', in 1989. While the album showcased her skills as an interpreter with unique versions of nine tunes, including the Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter," Dean wrote or co-wrote all but one tune on her second album, "Code of Honor." Recorded with a band, Bad Romance, the album was marked by a dark, somber tone and included heart-retching songs about alcoholism and suicide. One tune, "Love Hurt," was recorded as a duet with Tom Kiefer of Cinderella.


    Remastered for the first time, YesterRock has reissued the underrated '80s rockin' album by JOANNA DEAN "Misbehavin´".Originally released back in the summer of '88 on Polydor, the label simply did nothing to push this absolute corker of a CD. Joanna later insisted as part of Bad Romance and their superb 1991 'Code Of Honour' album, but little has been heard from her since then, and this is further proof of a serious talent that went largely unnoticed.Kicking straight in with the Girl Power anthem (long before 'GP' was a marketing slogan) is "Ready For Saturday Night" in which Joanna sets the tone for a bluesy melodic hard rocking good time, probably the likes of which we'll never hear live again.Seriously, listening to this instantly brought back long forgotten memories of sweaty rock clubs, and next up is "Kiss This" which many who had MTV back then will remember was the only video the recording label made to promote the album and while being really good, it was released too early to do anything for the record or her press.Next up we have accentuated rocking vibes from title track "Misbehavin´", which is more of the same in top notch bluesy melodic hard rock. Standout track for me is the ballad "Once Is Enough" as it serves as a change of pace and highlights Joanna's more Benatar-esque vocal capabilities.The Tom DeLuca penned "Dirty Fingers" rocks in an anthemic glory pumped by a fist-rising chorus, the urgent "Burnin' Rubber" is hot, then you have memories of a young Robin Beck on the short but kickin' "She's Been Hearin' About Me".Last track is a Joanna's re-written version of Jagger / Richards classic "Gimme Shelter", in a completely sensual way but driven by sharp guitars, a steady rhythm section and with Joanna delivering a piercing performance.Joanna Dean's "Misbehavin´" was criminally buried by an inefficient promotion, but fortunately for those of us with taste (like you and me) we've always known and relished the best of the best without them having to be million sellers.So with a voice many have described as 'having the capability to shake the foundation of the very tallest of buildings' Joanna Dean has a set of pipes that could surely only be the product of gene splicing Robin Beck, Janis Joplin and Pat Benatar together in some laboratory experiment. This lady can sing her pretty little stockings off!Having only 9 tracks on a CD these days is probably sacrilegious, however back then it was the norm to fill an album with quality over quantity, and man did Joanna Dean deliver on the quality front."Misbehavin´" includes nine songs of the highest quality and deserves to be listened to with the pristine remastered sound of this YesterRock reissue.

    Line Up:
    Joanna Dean - vocals, guitar
    Steve Ingle - guitars
    Willie Weeks - bass
    Roger Cox - drums
    Jim Dickinson - keyboards
    Larry Crane - guest guitar on 5 track

    Misbehavin' (CD - 2013)


    Joanna Dean - Misbehavin' (1988)

    Year : 1988
    Style : Hard FM , Melodic Rock , Hard Rock
    Country : USA
    Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
    Size : 112 mb

    01 - Ready For Saturday Night
    02 - Kiss This
    03 - Misbehavin'
    04 - I Miss The Money
    05 - Once Is Enough
    06 - Dirty Fingers
    07 - Burnin' Rubber
    08 - She's Been Hearin' About Me
    09 - Gimme Shelter[/align]
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    Miss Dean certainly sings as good as she looks. Good Hardrock Record, especially the "Gimme shelter" cover version is great.
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