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    still for sale, the band gives links where to buy online on their website.

    Scorpions (Ger) - In Trance + Virgin Killer (2CD) (Limited Remastered France Edition) (2004) + all scans

    Year : 2013
    Style : Traditional Heavy Metal , Hard Rock
    Country : Germany / Sarstedt, Lower Saxony
    Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
    Size : 312 mb[/color]

    CD1: In Trance (1975):
    01. Dark Lady
    02. In Trance
    03. Life's Like A River
    04. Top Of The Bill
    05. Living And Dying
    06. Robot Man
    07. Evening Wind
    08. Sun In My Hand
    09. Longing For Fire
    10. Night Lights
    11. Speedy's Coming (bonus)
    12. They Need A Million (bonus)
    13. Drifting Sun (bonus)

    CD2: Virgin Killer (1976):
    01. Pictured Life
    02. Catch Your Train
    03. In Your Park
    04. Backstage Queen
    05. Virgin Killer
    06. Hell-Cat
    07. Crying Days
    08. Polar Nights
    09. Yellow Raven
    10. Fly People Fly (bonus)
    11. This Is My Song (bonus)
    12. Far Away (bonus)
    13. Fly To The Rainbow (bonus)
    The Scorpions are a German rock band formed in 1965. Since the band's inception, their musical style has ranged from hard rock to heavy metal.The band's only constant member is guitarist Rudolf Schenker, although Klaus Meine has been lead singer for all their studio albums.They are known for their 1980s rock anthem "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and many singles, such as "No One Like You", "Send Me an Angel", "Still Loving You", and "Wind of Change". The band was ranked No. 46 on VH1's Greatest Artists of Hard Rock program."Rock You Like a Hurricane" is also No. 18 on VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs.The band is one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time, with claims of sales of 75 million records worldwide.
    Rudolf Schenker, the band's rhythm guitarist launched the band in 1965. At first, the band had beat influences and Schenker himself did the vocals.Things began to come together in 1970 when Schenker's younger brother Michael and vocalist Klaus Meine joined the band. In 1972 the group recorded and released their debut album Lonesome Crow, with Lothar Heimberg on bass and Wolfgang Dziony on drums.During the Lonesome Crow tour, Scorpions opened for upcoming British band UFO. Near the end of the tour, guitarist Michael Schenker accepted an offer of lead guitar for UFO. Uli Roth, a friend of the Schenker brothers, was then called in to finish off the tour.The departure of Michael Schenker led to the breakup of the band. In 1973, Uli Roth, who had helped Scorpions complete the Lonesome Crow tour, was offered the role as lead guitarist, but turned the band down, preferring instead to remain in the band Dawn Road. Rudolf Schenker eventually decided that he wanted to work with Roth, but did not want to resurrect the last Scorpions lineup. He attended some of Dawn Road's rehearsals and ultimately decided to join the band, which consisted of Roth, Francis Buchholz (bass), Achim Kirschning (keyboards) and Jürgen Rosenthal (drums). Roth and Buchholz persuaded Rudolf Schenker to invite Klaus Meine to join on vocals, which he soon did. While there were more members of Dawn Road than Scorpions in the band, they decided to use the Scorpions name because it was well known in the German hard rock scene and an album had been released under that name.
    In November 2009, Scorpions announced that their 17th studio album, Sting in the Tail, would be released in early 2010,recorded in Hanover with Swedish producers Mikael "Nord" Andersson and Martin Hansen. Sting in the Tail was released on March 23, 2010.On January 24, 2010, the band announced their intentions for Sting in the Tail to be their last album, with the tour supporting it being their final tour, although the band later made the decision to continue recording past the end of the tour.Dokken was scheduled to open for them but canceled after a dispute.On 6 April 2010, Scorpions were enshrined in Hollywood's Rock Walk in a handprint ceremony, with the band members placing their hands in a long slab of wet cement next to other musical artists.An album of re-recordings of older songs, Comeblack, was released on 7 November 2011.Frontman Klaus Meine was asked in a July 2011 interview about the future of Scorpions and whether the band was going to make another album. He replied, "Our newest project comes out in the next few months. It gives you a chance to experience the Scorpions in 3D. You can actually feel the smoke string out of the guitar like it is a live show. It is an incredible experience. The DVD features our concerts in 3D in Germany. We are just about to do the mix and it should be in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia hopefully soon. Indeed, the strong 3D technology makes us feel like pioneers after all these years (he says, laughing). We have an album coming out later this year featuring classics. You know our love for them. The '60s was the era for our inspiration. Our movie/documentary also is soon to be released. We have cameras with us on tours, so this documentary is being made during our tours. It also gives you a picture of the Scorpions career and journey."Almost a year in advance it was announced Scorpions would headline the Wacken Open Air Festival on 4 August.Despite ongoing rumours of a break up or retirement, guitarist Matthias Jabs told AZ Central on June 12, 2012 that Scorpions would not be splitting up.A month later, Jabs told Billboard magazine that the band has been working on an album that will contain unreleased songs they recorded for the albums Blackout, Love at First Sting, Savage Amusement and Crazy World and plan to release it in 2014. In April Scorpions announced shows in Russia and Belarus with an orchestra in October 2013. On 11, 12, and 14 September 2013, the Scorpions played three MTV Unplugged concerts at the Lycabettus-Theatre in Athens

    Line Up:

    Rudolf Schenker Guitars (1964-present)
    Klaus Meine Vocals (1969-present) - See also: ex-Copernicus
    Matthias Jabs Guitars (1977, 1978-present) - See also: ex-Fargo, ex-Deadlock, ex-Lady
    James Kottak Drums (1996-present) - See also: ex-Black Sheep, Kottak, The Foundry, ex-Dio (live), ex-Ashba, ex-Buster Brown, ex-Kingdome Come, ex-McAuley Schenker Group, ex-Montrose, ex-Warrant, ex-Wild Horses, ex-Michael Lee Firkins (live)
    Paweł Mąciwoda-Jastrzębski Bass (2003-present) - See also: Stirwater, ex-TSA, ex-Virgin Snatch, ex-Dreszcz, ex-Düpą, ex-Funk de Nite, ex-L.A.P.D., ex-Little Egoist, ex-Oddział Zamknięty, ex-Pudelsi, ex-Walk Away


    Lonesome Crow Full-length 1972
    Fly to the Rainbow Full-length 1974
    In Trance Full-length 1975
    Virgin Killer Full-length 1976
    Taken by Force Full-length 1977
    Lovedrive Full-length 1979
    Animal Magnetism Full-length 1980
    Blackout Full-length 1982
    Love at First Sting Full-length 1984
    Savage Amusement Full-length 1988
    Crazy World Full-length 1990
    Face the Heat Full-length 1993
    Pure Instinct Full-length 1996
    Eye II Eye Full-length 1999
    Unbreakable Full-length 2004
    Humanity - Hour 1 Full-length 2007
    Sting in the Tail Full-length 2010
    Comeblack Full-length 2011


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