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    Rigor Mortis Records RMR01-03 2003

    RIGOR MORTIS formed in 1983 in Arlington, Texas and immediately became a driving force in the original wave of North Texas Metal. With the emphasis on speed and the subject matter steeped in horror and gore, RIGOR stood out as extreme intimidators, on and off stage. Starting out as a 3 piece composed of Mike Scaccia on guitar, Harden Harrison on drums, and Casey Orr on bass, the band added vocalist Bruce Corbitt in '86 and quickly signed to Capitol Records, releasing their classic self titled debut record in '87. Two years later, Corbitt left the band and Doyle Bright came in on vocals. RIGOR went on to release two more records; "Freaks", on Metal Blade Records and "RIGOR MORTIS Vs. The Earth", on Triple X.In 1991 Mike accepted an offer to join Ministry as well as Revolting Cocks, and Lard. And Rigor Mortis was no more, but the four members remained close friends and supported each others' endeavors.Casey Orr joined shock rockers, GWAR, where he's remained off and on since '94, and has performed or recorded with a list of other bands including Blohole (with Scaccia), The Hellions, The Burden Brothers, and XCOPS.Harden Harrison went on to play drums with Pervis, Speedealer, and Mitra.Bruce has been enjoying recent success with his Thrash outfit, Warbeast, who released their debut record on Phil Anselmo's Housecore Records in late 2010.The return of RIGOR MORTIS has been a long time coming. Though the band has reunited for a handful of shows over the last several years, schedules and personal lives just wouldn't allow for the time and commitment necessary for the band to properly reemerge with new material and a determination to take RIGOR to the next level.The time is now.RIGOR MORTIS is set to go in the studio and to record their first new tracks in 20 years! The band will be in the studio from March 6th through the 8th with long time friend and producer Kerry Crafton (Vs. The Earth), recording 2 brand new songs. Talks with labels will follow and a new full length RIGOR MORTIS record will be released before the end of the year.
    Line Up:
    Casey Orr Bass, Vocals (1983-1989, 2005-2013) - See also: Warbeast, Ministry (live), ex-Blohole, ex-X-Cops, ex-Gwar, ex-Warlock, ex-Texas Metal Alliance (live), ex-Burden Brothers, ex-The Hellions, ex-REO Speedealer (live)
    Harden Harrison Drums, Vocals (1983-1991, 2005-2013) - See also: Mitra, Speedealer, ex-Warlock, ex-REO Speedealer
    Mike Scaccia Guitars (1983-1989, 2005-2012), Vocals (1983-1986) - (R.I.P. 2012) See also: ex-Blohole, ex-Ministry, ex-1000 Homo DJs, ex-Revolting Cocks, ex-Spectrum (USA)
    Bruce Corbitt Vocals (1986-1989, 2005-2013) - See also: Warbeast, ex-Malignancy, ex-Texas Metal Alliance, ex-K.O.D.
    Demo 1986 Demo 1986
    Demons Single 1988
    Re-Animator / Bodily Dismemberment Single 1988
    Rigor Mortis Full-length 1988
    Freaks EP 1989
    Rigor Mortis Vs. the Earth Full-length 1991
    Rigor Mortis - Rigor Mortis (1988) (Re-issue 2003)

    Year :1988 (Re-issue 2003)
    Style : Thrash Metal
    Country : USA
    Audio : 320 kbps + all scans

    1. Welcome to Your Funeral 03:30 instrumental
    2. Demons 04:04
    3. Bodily Dismemberment 05:18
    4. Condemned to Hell 03:40
    5. Wizard of Gore 03:56
    6. Shroud of Gloom 02:42
    7. Die in Pain 03:56
    8. Vampire 05:00
    9. Re-Animator 03:23
    10. Slow Death 05:33
    Reissued/Remastered in 2003 with 3 bonus tracks
    11 - Foaming at the Mouth (03:46)
    12 - Grudge Fuck (01:49)
    13 - Spivey (02:50)
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