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    Pacific War [Compilation] 2018
    CD features the "Scum" album from 1996, the 2000 demo, and an exclusive track. ... War/699735
    Label: Legion of Death Records
    digital ->
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    Artist: Varua Ino
    Release Title: Scum
    Year: 1997
    Country: Tahiti (French Polynesia)
    Format: Album
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Uploader Notes:

    " History of this band and his only one album "

    The cause of rarity of this album during its release was a problem with the distribution system inside
    their country, because of the prohibitions from governmental authorities that have removed
    large numbers of copies to all resellers.

    The authorities also banned the band of occur in show permanently.
    The reason of all these things came from the fact that the majority of the tracks on the album was banned because clearly denounced
    the many problems in their country.

    Most songs talking about the many problems of corruption inside the political Government in their country and the indoctrination
    of the masses though the religion for prohibit and hide most of the traditions of their origins and their roots.

    All these acts today finally revealed in broad daylight about the tragic consequences which took place during the colonization of their lands in the past.
    The members of the band was inspired and influenced by the famous band " Sepultura " who themselves had already used such methods through the music to denounce corruption in the political Government of their own countries also.
    (as for example with the famous song: " Policía ", sung in their native language).

    The band Varua Ino was perhaps not an extraordinary thrash-metal band but however there will had at least the honour to be the first thrash-metal band of Tahiti (French Polynesia), and will have had all the same a great recognition on the part of the people and all the youngness in their country.

    Many people still remember them with great nostalgia, including of course through their famous ballad " Anava'i "
    (it mean: the river about the river of the ancestors),
    Sung deliberately in traditional Tahitian language and who had a amazing success in these years.

    They had also managed to make a music video just for this song.

    Unfortunately few years later the band had to split-up.

    *Last appearance of Varua Ino dates back to the year 2000 with the release only of a live containing only 6 unreleased tracks on stage
    recorded the same year.
    (the 6 previously unreleased tracks came from their 2nd demo never broadcast).
    This record was a cd self-produced in very few copies and had not properly distributed.
    Finally this record went almost unnoticed and very few people knows of its existence.

    Tewils : Vocals & Lead Guitars
    Tamihau : Guitars
    Roura : Bass & Vocals
    Vinz : Drums
    1. Pig's Town
    2. Fuck
    3. Politico-Anal
    4. Scum
    5. Inqui-Religion
    6. Anava'i
    7. Baby Moon
    8. Ad or Lies?
    9. Te Parau
    10. Pacific
    11. Incest
    the famous and rare video-clip of the only one ballad on the album.
    " Anava'i " (Music video) ... clip_music
    (Source: VHS tape)
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    Thanks for sharing!
    They also got some songs from a demo uploaded here:

    This is apparently their new band

    Seems like the guitarist (Tami) from VARUA INO also are in the band RADIANT CHILD

    Some info: ... views.html

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    Wowww many thanks Emil !!
    I heard many rumors about some members of the band was deceased (drugs problems and one of the them was finally in jail)
    Anyway apparently some guys from Varua Ino (like Tami) are playing always in different new bands formations.
    That's a news for me, really :D

    You are a really better investigator than me, sure! Well done!

    Very appreciated,
    thanks again for all these additional informations! ;)

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    Their full discography is re-released on Armée De La Mort Records:
    Merci de lire le règlement du forum avant de poster vos requêtes
    Besoin d'aide?
    Things were better before.
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