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  • I can help with some of the reups, but keep putting it off, because I'm not sure exactly what to do, with the system/format of Requests - Found ... let me explain.

    After someone posts a Request, and it is filled, then it gets moved to the "Found" Section? I have also seen the tag "Solved" (actually a lot of them say "Sovled", lol) - I'm not sure what the difference is between "Found" and "Solved".

    Or do I post the "found/solved" request inside the "Found Requests" section myself? So then there is a "Need Reup" thread inside the requests one, and a "found version" inside the "Found Requests" section - and then a moderator maybe deletes the "Need Reup" thread?

    Or do I post my reup inside the thread that says "Need Reup" myself, and then later a moderator marks it "found/solved" and then a moderator moves it to the Found section?

    Or maybe I post the reup as a brand-new thread headed by me, in the relevant section (Power, NWOBHM, etc) and then the moderator comes back and moves the separate "Need Reup" thread to the "Found" section?

    Anyway, I think it would be a big help, if there was a short tutorial on how to post a reup, so that things stay organized. I think there is a system here, but I'm not sure what it is. If it's one or two reups, we don't need a formal system, but because of the large number, thanks to the megaupload/multiupload debacles, it can be a bit hard to follow.
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    Haha I know that it's confusing, it's still under construction.

    The SOLVED stuff was added a few days ago and I haven't had time to rename all [FOUND] lines yet
    that's why it both says SOLVED and FOUND. I added the solved option to save me some work, the topic starter
    now have the option to mark the topic as solved when a request have been filled.

    To answer your questions
    For re-uploads: If it's already posted on the forum - just post the re-upload link in the same thread as the album.
    If it's not on the Forum, make a new upload in a fitting category. Please don't post it in the request thread as they will not appear
    as new topics when I move them, it's also hard to keep track of all replies so they can easily be missed by me. It's easier if the
    user himself clicks the "Solved" button when a request have been filled.

    All request = New topic
    Re-Upload Requests (already on the forum) = New link in the topic of the requested album
    Re-Upload Requests (not on the forum) = New Topic

    Hope this helps, otherwise just ask me and I will explain more detailed what to do
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    Strap i think that you should post the new links on the forum too.

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    Wupload doesn't seem to be a viable place to share files from. I haven't been able to dl a single file from there (neither has anyone one else lately it seems) even after registering.
    I think there has to be another option for people to use.
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