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Stream Here: Lethal Dose (Aus) - Surprise Attack [Demo] (1989) [Reissue 2020]

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Interesting to see this reissued. While these guys did play quite a few gigs in the day they weren't what one would call popular, at least not beyond their local area. They had a fan base but it didn't really extend to that of many other Melbourne bands at the time. It also wasn't a demo in 1989 when it was recorded, it was sold at the gigs as a full length album on their own label. Even their second release was listed as an EP, never once heard them refer to their releases as demos. (Demo is what I have on a cassette with mrk II of the band laying down tracks for the EP)

Mick's guitar playing is brilliant, and his move though Mortification and into Terraphobia, where he pretty much does everything, has been great. At the time they supported bands like Mortal Sin, and many local hard rockish and metal acts and always put on a decent show. They supported their local area and pushed for clean, drug and alcohol free gigs for kids before many other bands thought it was fashionable. At most gigs there was a passion between the members when on stage and it could be felt by the audience through the music. However the passion did seem to waiver a little around the time of the EP release.

I notice on Metal Archives an entry for the band has recently been added, possibly by the someone connected to this release. The entry is low on detail (including typos), but I suppose at least it's there. On the second EP (Back With a Vengeance) they brought in Frank from Taipan for drum duties and his input showed a massive maturing in the music, although maybe not always in the lyrics.

Would I buy this release? If it was priced reasonably (which most vinyl releases in this country aren't) and I didn't have it, yeah possibly. It's a good solid album with a pure 80's feel. Already owning signed copies of both this and the EP I'm not the target market but if you're into Aussie hard rock heavy metal of the 80's it's worthy of adding to the collection.
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