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    All across the nation metal will roll
    It’ll take your body then assume control
    Virgin ears to steel this music will annoy
    Prepare yourself tonight to thrash and destroy

    Thrash to destroy to destruct all mankind

    Destructive waves of sound soon carry thru the land
    Fighters thrash for metal with axes high in hand
    Forces join together all posers take a toll
    A sound they don’t believe in they’re gonna lose their soul

    Thrash to destroy to destruct all mankind

    Metal Now rules merchants march thru the night
    We slaughter all the posers we give them no right
    Thrashers for metal yes we now employ
    Prepare yourselves my children thrash to destroy

    Thrash to destroy to destruct all mankind


    Racing steel towards deadly goals
    Mass of axmen with weapons hold
    Closing in on victory kill
    Going where they take at will
    Massive slaughter none survive
    Experts of massacre take all lives
    Striving onward raise the dead
    Eyes of fury turning blood red

    Marching through cities, raping and burning
    Leaving their mark where they may
    An onslaught of mutants, with maces and scythes
    The flesh on their bones bare decay

    Victims of murder, for years their souls rotted
    Burning in hell for revenge
    Searching the towns, for the killers they sought
    The cause of their fate they’ll avenge

    Forging weapons Justice seek
    Rotting corpses death now reeks
    Death is riding at their side
    Hatred growing born deep inside
    Violent rage is now released
    Slayers past are now deceased
    Onslaught task is now complete
    Foes damned to hell have met defeat


    Thrashing your town with ambitions of hate
    Attacking, demanding there is no escape
    Metal on metal, we fight to the death
    An axe through the heart, we utter no breath

    Scream for mercy, but yet it’s too late
    Pleading forgiveness can no longer wait
    Blood in the eye, a stab in the back
    Preparing to die by the Metal attack - Metal Axe

    Death is still searching you tremble with fear
    Praying for silence, Death is now near
    Your life has no meaning you’ve nothing to say
    Die by my hand as your neck meets my blade - Metal Axe

    Running from slaughter you’re covered with sweat
    Now you are dying, no time for regret
    A death well deserved, it’s time to break free
    Now clean my axe, wipe the blood on my sleeve - Metal Axe


    An endless quest we seek
    For weapons known to man
    To search for blades of steel
    And hold them high in hand

    To give them to our tribe
    A symbol to our gods
    To wield the axes high
    To plunder when we can

    Always remember that metal is all that is real
    Fighting for blood on our search, shall we reveal
    Never surrender our axes, Fight til the death

    The king shall lead us on
    Aboard his waiting force
    To test our battle skills
    Pride with sword in hand

    We terrorize the night
    Loyal to our creed
    Fear is now revealed
    Surrender while you can


    Soldiers of the future
    Fighters of the past
    Demons over rulers
    Rulers never last
    Tyrants take to power
    Like a blink without a breath
    Sending all the evil troops
    The Regiments of death

    Fighters from the underworld
    Begin to take control
    The Screaming pain in their eyes
    As the bell begins to toll
    Freedom Dies for losers
    Losers take a fall
    Regiments of the future
    Command all

    Now you’ve seen the future
    Has now become the past
    Beware the regiments
    From tombs they were cast
    The dead will be rising
    With the torment in their eyes
    Sworn to slay the stronger race
    Regret the souls will rise
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