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Seattle, Washington band active 1987-1994

Various MP3's, photos and info

This bio written for material submissions in 1992
LIXX was formed six years ago by three of its original members out of the ashes of a country band in a small southern Idaho town. If they wanted to play music, the three had no choice but to play country; in southern Idaho, country music is all that will get a listen. Eventually, Cache Kragen (drums and vocals), Levi Blackwell (bass guitar and vocals) and Dan Towle (lead guitar and vocals) wound up working together in a country bar band called Idle Time. They found that they had several things in common: they were all song writers with lots of material, they were all accomplished musicians, they all possessed strong vocal qualities, and they all preferred hard rock to country. It wasn't long before their mutual love of hard rock lead to all night writing and jam sessions. The three 'gelled' as a band and after two short months, they left Idle time in Idaho and moved to Seattle to complete the band and play metal. This time, they all knew what they wanted and were dedicated to a singular purpose. Their experience in country bands was the impetus to focus on a vision and never stray from their musical goals. The LIXX concept is that every member of the band is a song writer, musician, and a singer. Once in Seattle, LIXX tried out several rhythm guitarists while Ãœplaying in nightclubs and recording in local studios. The band had trouble finding a rhythm guitarist with the right sound and the ability to fit the LIXX concept. So they turned to long time Idaho friend Aaron Daniels. It didn't take much to convince him that moving to Seattle and joining LIXX was the right thing to do. In his first month with the band, they finished a five song recording project at Steve Lawson studios and started playing clubs. Now that the band is complete, LIXX has been writing music and perfecting their sound and stage presence by playing clubs in and around Seattle. They have also recorded in two of Seattle's most reputable 24 track studios (Steve Lawson and Ironwood) with one of Seattle's most accomplished sound engineer/producers (Brett Eliason). LIXX is committed to obtaining a recording contract and to promoting their music around the country and the world.

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