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    Artist: Pantera
    Label: Metal Magic Records, #MMR 1985-AS-BS
    Release: I Am The Night (1985)
    Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Speed Metal
    Country: United States, Arlington, Texas
    Bitrate: Lossless WAV
    ►WAV: Dead Link
    ►MP3: Dead Link
    Thanks goes out to the original uploader!.

    Password: Benreed95

    According to the original uploader this comes straight from a Near Mint copy of the original lp.

    Info on the song D*G*T*T*M: I've read somewhere that the title stands for "Darrell Goes To The Movies".

    Terrence Lee (AKA Terry Glaze) - Vocals
    "Diamond" Darrell (AKA "Dimebag" Darrell or Darrell Abbott) - Guitars
    Rex Rocker (AKA Rex Brown) - Bass
    Vinnie Paul (AKA Vincent Paul or Vince Abbott) - Drums
    1. Hot And Heavy
    2. I Am The Night
    3. Onward We Fight
    4. D*G*T*T*M
    5. Daughters Of The Queen
    6. Down Below
    7. Come-On Eyes
    8. Right On The Edge
    9. Valhalla
    10. Forver Tonight
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    Those were the days when they still could combine power and melody.
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    Great album!!! I have the cassettes which I ordered from Metal Magic Records waaayyyy back in the day. THX!!!
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    new link (320): Hidden Link

    If you still have the WAV rip post it here.

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    New Lossless link here. from original analog disc (Metal Magic Records MMR1985)
    Hidden Link
    Please convert flac to wav in each environment.

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    This is the best of pre-Cowboys Pantera, IMO...and now lossless? Thank you.

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