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    Artist: Lita Ford
    Release: Out for Blood
    Label: Mercury, #422-810 331-1 M-1-1-2
    Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
    Country: Los Angeles, California, United States
    Bitrate: Lossless WAV
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    Info: here is a good lossless vinyl rip of Lita Ford's debut 1983 solo record.

    this is by far my personal favorite record she has released outside of her material with The Runaways. way more Hard Rockin' and at times pushes more towards Heavy Metal, but there is still that characteristic Runaways vibe and attitude that runs through the music here.

    also, fun fact: this is the only record with the line up of Neil Merryweather and Dusty Watson. both Canadian musicians with Neil Merryweather being the more known one here (besides Lita herself, lol) who has had a pretty lengthy career that dates back to the 1960's with his late 60's material to late 70's stuff with many other musicians. though the most popular of his work is with the two mid-70's records, Space Rangers and Kryptonite. after this Lita would break up this band and would sooner get a whole new line up for her subsequent records, which is why this album sounds a little more different than the albums that would come after this.

    Vinyl Rip recorded using my Panasonic Record player while ran through my RadioShack USB Mix Board and ran through the Ugreen External Sound Card Adapter.
    included are HQ Camera Shots that were cropped and edited.
    1. Out for Blood (L. Ford/N. Merryweather) (2:55)
    2. Stay with Me Baby (L. Ford) (4:26)
    3. Just a Feeling (L. Ford) (4:36)
    4. Ready, Willing and Able (L. Ford/N. Merryweather) (2:57)
    5. Die for Me Only (Black Widow) (L. Ford/N. Merryweather) (3:03)
    6. Rock 'n' Roll Made What I Am Today (P. Heimlich) (2:51)
    7. If You Can't Live with It (L. Ford) (4:15)
    8. On the Run (L. Ford/N. Merryweather) (2:48)
    9. Anyway That You Want Me (C. Taylor) (3:34)
    10. I Can't Stand It (L. Ford) (3:27)

    Line up:
    Lita Ford (Guitars, Lead Vocals)
    Neil Merryweather (Bass, Harmony and Backing Vocals)
    Dusty Watson (Drums, Backing Vocals)
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