Lossless [Hard Rock] » Krokus (Che) - Pay It in Metal (1978) [Lossless WAV Vinyl Rip]
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    Artist: Krokus
    Release: Pay It In Metal, #ML-8018
    Genre: Hard Rock
    Country: Solothurn, Switzerland
    Bitrate: WAV Lossless Vinyl Rip
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    Info: this is a nice Vinyl rip of one of Krokus three OOP records, but out of all of three early OOP albums, this is the most common of 'em all and that is due to it getting better distribution. this album was released with two different titles, first Painkiller and then soon after Pay It in Metal, but all have different pressings with four different covers. this is a Vinyl Rip of the 1985 U.S. Reissue on Mercury.

    while Krokus have always been looked as the Swiss AC/DC, their early albums and mid to late 80's albums were quite different. their early albums in particular had a Progressive Rock influence, but on this album you start to hear the AC/DC influence coming in which would soon develop their signature sound. also, this is the first and last to have Chris von Rohr on Vocals before picking up the Bass and before getting the classic voice of Marc Storace.

    Vinyl Rip recorded with my Panasonic record Player and ran through a RadioShack USB Mix Board.
    included are HQ Covers that were Shot using a HQ Camera and edited.
    1. Killer (von Arb/von Rohr) (3:55)
    2. Werewolf (von Arb/von Rohr/Frutig) (3:18)
    3. Rock Ladies (von Arb/von Rohr) (3:00)
    4. Bad Love (von Arb/von Rohr) (4:49)
    5. Get Out of My Mind (von Arb/von Rohr) (3:40)
    6. Rock Me, Rock You (von Arb/von Rohr) (3:20)
    7. Deadline (von Arb/von Rohr) (2:00)
    8. Susie (von Arb/von Rohr) (3:01)
    9. Pay It (von Arb/von Rohr) (3:04)
    10. Bye Bye Baby (von Arb/von Rohr) (4:34)

    Chris von Rohr (Vocals)
    Freddy Steady (Drums)
    Fernando von Arb (Guitars)
    Tommy Kiefer (Guitars)
    Jürg Nägeli (Bass, Keyboards)
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