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    Artist: The Age Of Faith
    Release: Watersongs
    Genre: Hard Rock/Progressive Rock/Metal/Alternative
    Country: Canada
    Bitrate: 16-bit/44100 Hz .wav Cassette Rip
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    Personnel :
    Glen Johnson - Vocals, Trumpet
    Scott Walford - Bass, Acoustic Guitar
    Jeremy Dahl - Guitars
    Jason Dahl - Drums

    Extremely original and well-executed Hard Rock with Alternative, Prog and Metal elements. Their influences always seemed to point to a heady brew of Rush, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis (cool trumpet playing by singer Glen Johnson), and so-called Alternative. "Watersongs" was The Age Of Faith's debut recording, a 1990 independent cassette release.

    The Age Of Faith guys grew up where I did in Blackburn Hamlet, a bizarre and visceral suburb of Ottawa, Canada. I never knew them and most bands from there, including my own (such as the monstrously teenage Evil Sinner), were 80's/90's manifestations heading toward the Metal extremity. How the hell these guys came out of Blackburn Hamlet is beyond comprehension. But it makes me happy because these guys were amazing. They have re-recorded some of these songs, but I've found no digital copies of this at present. The cassette cover is lost and I can no longer find it on the net. The logo above is a more recent graphic used by the band.

    There is some tape lag unfortunately, but I'll think you'll be surprised by the audio/production quality. Great release by a great band that I had the good fortune of seeing live twice in Ottawa, superlative shows indeed, including a riotous 1994 New Year's Eve show in some basement club.

    Remember first hearing this cassette playing at a friend's party and I asked him who it was. The Age Of Faith was blowing me away immediately as the high quality musical defiance raged through the speakers. "Watersongs" was definitely a cutting edge album of major high-minded Rock brilliance. Still can't get over the fact they were from Blackburn Hamlet, what a crazy place that was haha! Hope you enjoy this!

    - Vile Ent
    1. Ding Song
    2. Anyway
    3. Run Dan Dun Chun
    4. Blackburn Hamlet
    5. Freak
    6. The Beauty Of Big Cats
    7. Clockwork
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