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  • SONIC INSANITY Radio Show – Tuesday, April 10, 1990
    Full 2 ½-hour show 8pm - 10:30pm on 88.5 WRUR-FM – Rochester, NY
    w/”Evil Eye” Ron & The Mercyful One

    1. Tape 1 – Side A (45:47)
    2. Tape 1 – Side B (46:08)
    3. Tape 2 – Side A (46:02)
    4. Tape 2 – Side B (9:38)

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    Tape 1 – Side A
    (‘Evil Eye’ reads the AP Network news – show begins)
    Human Insecticide – ANNIHILATOR
    Zombie Ritual – DEATH
    Living Monstrosity – DEATH
    Parricide – PESTILENCE
    The Process Of Suffocation – PESTILENCE
    Eaten Alive – HEXENHAUS
    Carrion – DEATHWISH
    For Evil Done - DEATHWISH
    Phantasmagoria - DARKNESS
    Marie Antoinette – HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH
    (cuts off)

    Tape 1 – Side B
    Marie Antoinette – HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH (…cuts in)
    The Stench Of Burning Death – REPULSION
    Eaten Alive – REPULSION
    Acid Bath – REPULSION
    After The Bomb – DOOM
    Need To Live – TERRORIZER
    Bleed For The Devil – MORBID ANGEL
    Christ Passion (live) – SODOM
    Godly Beings – OBITUARY
    Realm Of Chaos – BOLT THROWER
    Death Metal - POSSESSED
    Buried Or Burned – DEFIANCE
    (cuts off)

    Tape 2 – Side A
    Buried Or Burned – DEFIANCE (…cuts in)
    Born Innocent – BLOOD FEAST
    Too Late To Change – ATROPHY
    Behind the Mirror – KREATOR
    Psychotic Reaction – TROUBLE
    Your Fear - PRONG
    Heaven On My Mind – TROUBLE
    Puppies and Friends - ATROPHY
    (cuts off)

    Tape 2 – Side B
    Puppies and Friends – ATROPHY (…cuts in)
    To The Death – VOIVOD
    (screwing around – fades off – WRUR News AP News begins)

    This 2 ½ hour show was recorded onto 2-90 min tapes, so Tape 2 – Side B is short.
    Back then we read the AP Network News, so Ron reads the AP News before the show begins. And Ron quite often began many early shows with Annihilator’s “Human Insecticide”. He was HUGE into that song and that album. They came to Rochester and played a live show here at the time as well.
    We also ended every show by reading off the names of friends and listeners who called in that night. Evil Eye always read off the thanks list, and closed with his phrase “to the death” (and we played the Voivod song as well until 1991)

    We read Repulsion lyrics over parts of the Repulsion songs, and laugh a lot. We were quite stoned. We talked way too much during this show.

    We had a written playlist only for the first half of the show (scan attached in archive). The 2nd half of the show we basically winged it and played a lot of new stuff we had just gotten. We had listeners call in random #’s to choose which song to play off new albums we hadn’t listened to yet.

    Ripped at 320kbps on 3/12/17

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