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    SONIC INSANITY Radio Show – Tuesday, August, 28, 2001
    Full 3-hour show 7pm - 10pm on 88.5 WRUR-FM - Rochester, NY
    w/”Evil Eye” Ron & Mike “The Mercyful One”

    This was a special “1985 full thrash” show we did where we pretended it was 1985. We played what would have been new or available at that time. This show fell between our Birthdays (mine the 22nd, Evil Eye’s the 30th). We had fun pretending it was 1985. Listen to the mic breaks.

    1. Tape 1 – Side A (46:41)
    2. Tape 1 – Side B (46:26)
    3. Tape 2 – Side A (46:16)
    4. Tape 2 – Side B (32:11)

    Bonus files included - scroll down to bottom for info.

    Hidden Link

    Tape 1 – Side A
    Hell Awaits – SLAYER
    Total Death – KREATOR
    Fast As A Shark – ACCEPT
    Creeping Death – METALLICA
    Bonded By Blood – EXODUS
    Posers Will Die – THRUST
    Beyond The Black – METAL CHURCH
    The Dungeons Are Calling – SAVATAGE
    Total Destruction – BATHORY
    (cuts off)

    Tape 1 – Side B
    Total Destruction – BATHORY (…cuts in)
    Alien Rape – PILEDRIVER
    Plunging To Megadeath – HALLOWS EVE
    Possessed – VENOM
    War And Pain – VOIVOD
    Mad Butcher – DESTRUCTION
    Metal Knights – NASTY SAVAGE
    Circle Of The Tyrants – CELTIC FROST
    Death Metal – POSSESSED

    Tape 2 – Side A
    No Remorse – METALLICA (…cuts in)
    Heavy Metal Maniac – EXCITER
    Aftershock – ANTHRAX
    Outbreak Of Evil – SODOM
    Chemical Warfare – SLAYER
    Necrophiliac – SLAYER
    March of the S.O.D. / Sargent "D" & the S.O.D. – S.O.D.
    Lucifer’s Hammer – ATTILA **
    The Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix / Diamonds And Rust – S.O.D.
    Aces High – IRON MAIDEN
    (cuts off)

    Tape 2 – Side B
    Aces High – IRON MAIDEN (…cuts in)
    Blood Of My Enemies – MANOWAR
    Evil Invaders – RAZOR
    Hammerhead – OVERKILL
    Marching To Die – RUNNING WILD
    Godz Of Thunder – MALICE (record skips)
    Headbanging Man – GRAVE DIGGER
    The Call of Ktulu (instrumental) - METALLICA
    (end of show - fades into AP Network news…)

    ** - Attila track from Speed Metal Hell 1985 Comp. LP. It’s a song taken from their great 1985 demo.

    Because we pretended it was late August 1985, we have a lot of banter during the mic breaks that makes reference to what was actually going on at the time. You’ll hear our funny references about how Metallica “will never make a video” (of course it’s 2001 and they DID make many videos by then, and sold-out/wimped). We talk about Slayer’s new album “Hell Awaits”. We discuss Mercyful Fate’s split-up and what King Diamond’s new band may sound like. And the upcoming World War III Festival (that Evil Eye actually attended in Nov.’85 and took pics at, I have most of his pics). Evil Eye even makes real reference to a Savatage show that happened in 1985 and a Slayer show that never happened in 1985. So there’s some tongue-in-cheek humor using how future events panned out as the punch line, if you know what I mean. So for a show done in 2001 pretending to be 1985, you should find the mic breaks entertaining as an 80’s metal fanatic. We had been doing Sonic Insanity for 12 years at this point, the show was at its peak in terms of listeners, and we always came up with unique or creative ideas for special shows.
    (Extra folders with pics in archive)

    R.I.P. to my co-host and best friend Ron “Evil Eye” Pappert (1939 – 2015)
    To The Death…
    Evil Eye & The Mercyful One 2001

    BONUS FILES: within the archive there are 2 folders of bonuses. One folder has pics of Destruction, Nasty Savage & Voivod that Evil Eye took at the WWIII Fest in Montreal November 1985. He was there and took pics. And in another folder are ads and flyers for WWIII. I included these because we talk about the WWIII Festival during the show and they are exclusive pics that Evil Eye took.
    Ron "Evil Eye" Pappert

    Mike "The Mercyful One" Bayusik

    NOTE TO THE BOARD: My GF and I bought a house and we are moving at the end of March and throughout April, so I may be scarce with my postings the next 2 months. Not only are we moving, but I must move my entire music collection which contains over 10,000 vinyls, tapes, CD's, etc. So be patient.
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