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    The METAL FORCE Radio Show – Friday May 5, 1989 - Rochester, NY
    Full 3-hour show 5pm – 8pm on 93.3 WIRQ-FM
    w/Mercyful Mike
    (& ’Evil Eye’ Ron Pappert as a guest)
    (The Axe wasn’t there this night)

    1. Tape 1 – Side A (46:30)
    2. Tape 1 – Side B (46:20)
    3. Tape 2 – Side A (46:24)
    4. Tape 2 – Side B (46:10)

    Hidden Link

    Ripped at 320kbps

    The beginning of Tape 1 (the 1st two bands/songs) is actually the end of a ”Hardcore Punk Skinhead” show I did (just that one day) before the Metal Force show began.

    Tape 1 – Side A
    (…cuts in)
    The Keg Kept A Rollin’ – THE BONELESS ONES
    Everb / E...! / Micro-E! / Munchies – WEHRMACHT

    ~~~The start of The Metal Force~~~
    Piece By Piece – SLAYER
    The Return Of Darkness And Evil – BATHORY (Comp.LP’84 vers)
    Terror Kingdom – TORTURE
    Certain Death – SADUS
    And Then You Die – SADUS
    True Believers Inc. – MIDAS TOUCH
    Red Sharks – CRIMSON GLORY

    Tape 1 – Side B
    Out For Control – HEXX
    At The Edge Of Madness – EXCRUCIATION
    Satan’s Crusade – HOBBS’ ANGEL OF DEATH
    Headbanging Man – GRAVE DIGGER
    Anjo Do Mal – KORZUS
    Juízo Final – KORZUS
    Suicidio – KORZUS
    Sleep Bandits – MENTORS

    Tape 2 – Side A
    Leviathan – LEVIATHAN ++
    Zombie Ritual – DEATH
    Slay The Oppressor – REALM
    Endless Funeral – BULLDOZER
    Heaven’s Jail – BULLDOZER
    Hands Of Fate – SADUS
    Death And insanity – HALLOWS EVE
    Fight Or Die – SADUS
    Trash – KILLING SPREE **
    (cuts off)

    Tape 2 – Side B
    Trash – KILLING SPREE (…cuts in)
    Korgüll the Exterminator – VOIVOD
    Flame Of The Antichrist – ONSLAUGHT
    Marching To Die – RUNNING WILD
    Possessed By Fire – EXUMER
    Bad Blood – LAAZ ROCKIT
    Leprosy – DEATH
    Blackened – METALLICA

    (there was one more Metallica song, “Fade To Black”, since it was kind of our ending theme song, and then the show ended and the station went off-the-air for the weekend)

    ++ - taken from the ’’Scream Your Brains Out’’ 1988 Compilation LP. It’s a song from their 1987 demo ’’Legions Of The Undead’’. This is the Buffalo, NY band that has Chris Barnes (pre-Cannibal Corpse) on vocals.

    ** - Killing Spree were a local Rochester band that released 2 killer demos and played a lot of shows in the late ’80s. This song comes from the 2nd demo’89 ’’Feed Me’’.

    On this night we had Raging Bee as a guest. She hosted a radio show called “Metal Infection“ on the Batavia College radio station (30 mins west of Rochester) on Saturdays from Noon – 4pm. She brought the Killing Spree demo for us to play on the air (which we did, we played 2 songs). The following week we visited her show as guests and debuted the new Obituary and Sepultura LP’s. No rivalry existed between Rochester’s radio shows. We were unified.
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