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    Artist: V/A
    Release: 80's Unknown Metal from Republica Dominicana
    Genres: Hard Rock / Heavy / Thrash / Death Metal
    Country: Republica Dominicana
    Bitrate: 128-320kbps
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    Share by heresy1975, thanks for another great collection!

    Uploader Notes: Here's the second part of the overview about "minor" local scenes. I decided to make a special issue for Dominican Republicas I could find/get more bands/tracks here, so it takes some more space to describe and analize this scene. Next step would be an overview about Guatemala and - hopefully - a special about the beginning of heavy metal in Caucasus and Central Asian ex sovietic republics.
    1. Abaddon Rd (Republica Dominicana) - Demo 1989
    2. Abaddon Rd (Republica Dominicana) - Live At Con Cuquín Tv Show, Canal 7, 14-05-1989
    3. Crudos (Republica Dominicana) - From II Olimpíadas Del Rock 1985
    4. Cygnus (Republica Dominicana) - Collection Tape 1988
    5. Ekinoxio (Republica Dominicana) - Rehearsal Tracks 1992
    6. Empiphis (Republica Dominicana) - From III Olimpíadas Del Rock 1986
    7. Fobia (Republica Dominicana) - Live Track 1989
    8. Fuzz (Republica Dominicana) - Demo Recording 1987
    9. Fuzz (Republica Dominicana) - Studio Recording 1987
    10. Hekaton (Republica Dominicana) - Live At Club Coanca, Santo Domingo 1989
    11. Nexus (Republica Dominicana) - Live At Metal House, Santo Domingo 1989

    With great surprise I found that in RD there was a pretty active and interesting scene since the mid 80's.
    One band definitively got a cult status and was (despite the few recordings I could get) probably one of the best heavy metal bands in the whole Central-South America singing in spanish language: Fuzz, leadered by guitarist Tito Fuzz Meijia. A totally unknown band who could be one of the most famous if they wouldn't have recorded only 1 studio song in almost 5 years of activity!

    -ABADDON RD: Were formed on February 1988 and the same year they partecipate to the 5th edition of "Olimpiadas del Rock" (other bands: Los Desafortunados and Acto Legal). On 18-09-1988 they were charged on public of satanism and forbidden to organize further live shows. After a few weeks the charge of satanism fell down and new live shows (with Hekaton) can be played.
    On 05-02-1989 they make their debut on Tv at the "Con Coquin" (Canal 7) Tv show and on February 18th they record the song "Espectros" at Audiolab Studios. Further shows in 1989: "Rock 4512" Tv Show (Canal 4), 1st Edition of Metal House Concert (Perjury is the supporting band), Sabado Joven Tv Show (Canal 7), 2nd Edition of Metal House (with Nexus).
    On September 1st they partecipate to the VI Olimpiadas Del Rock but due to their macabre and aggressive image (they bear a coffin on the grave) other heavy metal bands decide to quit and not play.
    Break up first time in 1990. Reformed in 1991 and play at Coanca Club with Perjury and S.M.I. (Speed Metal Instrumental). Last appearence at VIII Olimpiadas Del Rock with 2 songs: Enter Sandman (Metallica) and Under Siege (Sepultura). The band splits up soon after and a new band is born: Masacre (from June to September 1991) then Maik Abaddon moves to Argentina where he joins local heavy metal heroes Aleacion. Abaddon reforms in 1997.
    The 2 studio tracks are the only studio recordings made during this time: "Espectros" (recorded at Audiolab Studios on 18-02-1989) and "Hambre de matar" (recorded on 23-06-1989 still at Audiolab Studios).
    The 2 live tracks ("Fosa comun" and "Destruccion") were recorded during the "El Momento Rock" at Con Cuqin Tv Show (Canal 7) on 14-05-1989. They also played a playback version of the Studio Track "Espectros".
    All these recordings can be found on the "Retazos" CD (limited to 100 copies only) out in 2001 and nowadays impossible to find.

    -CRUDOS: Winners of the 2nd Olimpiadas Del Rock in 1985. No other recordings known. Split up shortly after. Roy Tabare on vocals.

    -CYGNUS: They were formed between 1981 and 1983 by Roberto Garcia (Drums), Luis Josè Castillo (Guitars), Henry Brito (Vocals), Moises Montas (Bass). Partecipate to the first Olimpiadas Del Rock in 1984 and subsequent editions. In 1986, as winner of "Primer Festival de la Cancion Rock en Espanol" they were granted a free studio recording for 2 tracks: "Estoy solo" and "Desaparece ya" were recorded. Later in 1988 these tracks were collected and regrouped on an anthological pro printed tape along with the only other studio track recorded back in 1983: "Aparencias". A memorable show was with local hard rock band Empiphis (the authors of "En el mundo del metal" track, winner at the "3rd Olimpiadas del Rock" in 1986).
    Other songs played live (but never recorded): "Psicopata", "Esclavo del vicio", "Requiem". Split up in 1989.

    -EKINOXIO: Band formed in 1992 by guitarist/vocalist Ramses Cairo (ex Fuzz) and vocalist Hector Nicasio. Some other live and demo/rehearsal tracks exist according to what Ramses Cairo told me.

    -EMPIPHIS: "De cara al futuro" Tape 1989. Formed in 1983 by Gustavo Estevez (vocals), Alan Leschhorn (Guitars), Alfredo Corteza and Junior Rodroguez. Live debut is on September 1985 and the following year they win the first prize at the 3rd Olimpiadas del Rock with the song "En el mundo del metal". Their only tape album, "De cara al futuro" is recorded in 1986 but out only on March 1989 and it marks a considerable change of style, towards more commercial pop rock. The band disbanded in 1990 during the recordings of a new album who still remain unreleased but it is said to be even more commercial.

    -FOBIA: no info known. Just named on some articles about the origin of rock and metal in the country. Track supplied by Ramses Cairo.

    -FUZZ: They were formed in the early 80's by legendary Tito "Fuzz" Mejia (guitars), Lazaro Garcia (Bass, Vocals), Jose Madera (Drums) and Jovanni Blanco (Vocals). Later on Ramses Cairo joined the vocals. This is the only studio track ever recorded in almost 6 years of activity though some demo/rehearsal recordings exist (thanx to Ramses Cairo!) and a full live show at Punto Clave in 1988 straight from the mixer is circulating in Dominican Republic.
    Tito "Fuzz" formed "Nexus" in late 80's
    Vocalist Ramses Cairo later leaves to form a new band, "Enigma" (1989), "Proyecto Final" (1990), "X Drama" (1990) and "Hard Times" (1992), before moving to guitar for his new projects "Ekinoxio" (1992-1994) and, expecially, "Diesel", a very popular hard rock/heavy band along with vocalist Hector Nicasio, releasing 2 full lenght albums ("Hecho en Dominicana", 1996 and "Seasons of madness", 1998. Theyr most successful song is "Hijo del sistema").
    Other existing recordings: Live at Punto Clave 1988, various demo/rehearsal tracks.

    -HEKATON: They played some live shows with Abaddon and Perjury and partecipated to an unknown edition of "Olimpiadas del Rock". Thrash metal. Line up: Socrates Garcia (guitars), Blas Jimenez (bass), Jose Luis Munne (2nd drummer), Juan Manuel Estrella "Gringo" (vocals/guitar), Franklin Polanco (1st drummer). No other recordings are known.

    -NEXUS: Played some shows with Abaddon in 1989. No other recordings known.

    "Las Olimpiadas del Rock" were organized by Kin Sanchez from 1984 to 1994 and were the only event for rock/metal bands at the time. Most groups were created purposely to appear on the stage and disappear right after the performance. The rules were: 4-5 songs plus 1 classic rock cover. First edition was held inside a Cinema while all the others were at the auditorium of the Instituto Nacional Dominico Americano. It lasted for 11 editions only as - according to many - bands were formed and partecipated only because of prizes and money offered to the winners and not really intented to pursue a real music career.

    1984: Cygnus
    1985: Crudos
    1986: Empiphis
    1987: New Page
    1988: Los Desafortunados
    1989: Toque Profundo
    1990: Carey
    1991: IO
    1992: Uranio
    1993: Status
    1994: Tè Para Tres

    Other bands/releases not listed on Metal Archives: Corte Legal, Enigma (with Ramses Cairo, ex Fuzz, 1989), Hard Times (same, 1992), X Drama (same, 1990), Proyecto Final (same, 1990), Leviatan, Masacre, Perjury (supported Abaddon and Hekaton in some shows during 1989-1991), Piramix, SMI (aka Speed Metal Instrumental, supported Abaddon in 1991)
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