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    Artist: V/A
    Release: Early Unknown Metal from Caribbean/Central American Countries
    Genres: Hard Rock / Heavy / Thrash / Death Metal
    Country: Caribbean/Central American Countries
    Bitrate: 128-320kbps
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    Share by heresy1975, thanks a ton for this cool collection!

    Uploader Notes: Good, here is the first part of a collection of rare/unknown bands I got from all over the world. I found that a lot of old bands do not appear at all on the Metal Archives because they are totally unknown, they do not have an official discography or if they did only few people in the world know that. So, for many fans they are just forgotten names lost in time or bands that nobody heard before except for people in the local scene.

    I started with a collection of rare bands from Caribbean/Central American countries, where I had the luck to find a lot of cool bands. I also included a list of bands from the very beginning of the hard rock/heavy metal scene up to 1992-1993 not listed on the Metal Archives. I presume I found EVERY existing band during this time, being them bands with recordings or just simple names found here and there on some forum/chat/facebook/website: for the few information I got, I listed also the releases or the material available/known for each band. Bands who have nothing listed are supposed to have nothing recorded or existing: at least I couldn't find any other information. I hope this thread would be good to dig up more recordings, information and stories about these bands.
    1. Alto Mando (Cuba) - Leyenda Demo 1990
    2. Delirium (Honduras) - Demo + Rare Tracks
    3. Delirium Tremens (Honduras) - Demo 1993
    4. Delirium Tremens (Honduras) - Live At Megametal 1993
    5. Distorsion (Panama) - From A Todo Rock Compilation Lp 1987
    6. Revell (El Salvador) - Promo Track 1992
    7. Trauma (Honduras) - Demo 1992
    8. Trauma (Honduras) - Demo 1995
    9. Trauma (Honduras) - Live At Megametal 1993

    Metal in Cuba is supposed to start around 1989 with bands such as Alto Mando and Zeus. http://www.cuba-metal.com is the best reference for heavy metal (both old and new) from Cuba.

    Track enclosed in the zipped folder:
    -ALTO MANDO: Demo+Rehearsal Recordings 1990

    Probably the very first heavy metal band in Cuba. Formed in winter 1989 they lasted 13 months.
    Original line up was: Jorge Luis Barrayarsa "El Barry" (vocals, keyboards), Jorge Avalos (Bass), Leonardo Angel Rodriguez (Drums), Manuel Castro (Keyboards), Jorge Luis Almarales (Guitars). Partecipated to the 1st edition of Ciudad Metal where they gain first prize for Song Lyrics (with the song "Noticias y confesiones"). They have also one video clip shot in 1990 for the song "Los perros de la guerra" (The dogs of war) but I coulnd't find it anywhere. Other songs played live (no info about any eventual rehearsal/live recordings): Noticias y confesiones, Los perros de la guerra
    Video Clip: Los perros de la guerra (1990)

    Other bands/releases not listed on Metal Archives: Estirpe, Funeral, Gens, Horus, Kaiser, Masacre, Sentencia, Valhala, Zeus (10 Demos not listed on MA: Demo 1 May 1989 with 5 tracks, Demo 2 September 1989, Live Demo 3 January 1990, Demo 4 January 1991 with "El diablo al infierno" and others, Demo 5 February 1992, Demo 6 June 1993, Liberame Demo 7 1995 with 6 tracks, Demo 8 1999 with 4 tracks, Demo 9 2005 with 2 tracks, Demo 10 2006 with 2 tracks)

    Havy metal in Honduras was born already in 1980 with Khaos. Unfortunately they were the only band for many, many years and their only Lp "Forjado en Rocka" was out when the band already split up. I have no info about further recordings (rehearsal/demos/live recordings). They reformed in the early 00's wth the name Khaoticos and released a 4 tracks Demo.

    New bands emerged only in the early 90's, from 1991 on, with Delirium Tremens (later only Delirium), Trauma and Terciopelo Negro. Around 1993-1994 a new wave of bands came out.

    Tracks enclosed in the zipped folder:
    -DELIRIUM TREMENS: Demo 1993 + Live at Megametal 1993 + Rare Tracks 1996-200x (some as Delirium).
    -TRAUMA: Demo 1993 + Demo 1995 + Live at Megametal 1993.

    -DELIRIUM TREMENS: Demo 1993 + Live at Megametal 1993 + Rare Tracks 1996-200x (some as Delirium).
    Delirium Tremens were the first thrash/metal band in Honduras (along with Trauma and Terciopelo Negro), formed in 1990. In 1991 they recorded 3 demo songs (some sources say 4) spreaded through "Radio Amistad" Radio Channel.
    In 1992 they organize the 1st edition of Megametal (other band partecipating being Trauma) and the following year the 2nd edition (Bands partecipating: Delirium Tremens, Trauma, Terciopelo Negro, Orin's: this latter a pure pop/rock band). First tape album came in 1995 (later re-released on CD with 2 additional demo tracks recorded in 1993, here presented). In 1999 they shortened the name to "Delirium".

    Other recordings (not listed on Metal Archives): Demo 1991 (4 tx: Burocracia, Hombres de verde, Delirio, Mente encatenada. Some sources say 3 tracks omitting "Mente encatenada" or "Delirio". Anyway they were aired at "Stereo Amistad" Radio Channel and never gathered on a physical/real demo tape)

    -TRAUMA: Demo 1993 + Demo 1995 + Live at Megametal 1993.
    Formed in 1992, they partecipated to both Megametal concert editions in 1992 and 1993. The demo tracks (never sold as tape but heavily spreaded through "Stereo Amistad" radio channel) were recorded in 1993 at Gabriela Galvez Studios (Tegucigalpa). Line up: Jorge Bejarano Banegas (Vocals), Javier Fiallos (guitars), Leo Alvarenga (guitars), Oscar Rodroguez (Drums). Also recorded one more track in 1995: "Viajero de la humanidad" at Studio IHER, Tegucigalpa, with the following line up: Jose Bejarano Banegas (Vocals), Javier Fiallos (Guitars), Josè Manuel Cerrato (guitars), Fernando Martinez (bass), Oscar Rodriguez (Drums).

    Other bands/releases not listed on Metal Archives:
    -Terciopelo Negro: They partecipated to the second edition of Megametal in 1993 with Delirium Tremens, Trauma, Orin's. Nothing recorded seems to exist.

    The origin of Heavy metal scene in El Salvador is totally unknown and still mysterious. The few names/bands I could came across do not reveal much more.
    Revell is a totally mkysterious band who is featured on a recent downloadable CDR compilation found on some local blogs. No info is available. Probably the original name is "Rebel" as in spanish language the letter "B" and "V" are interchangable.
    Other bands from the very beginning up to 1993 are Hierro (their name appear only once, when they played a couple of shows in Nicaragua organized by mexican label American Line in the early 90's), Renegado (formed in 1988) and Sepelio (formed in 1991). These last 2 bands are still active or left a big mark on the local scene though I do not know any other recordings previous to the ones listed on the Metal Archives.

    Tracks included in the zipped folder:
    -REVELL: Promo Track 1992. From "Metal Fest Vol. 12" Downloadable Compilation CDR. No info available.

    Other bands/releases not listed on Metal Archives:
    Hierro, Renegado (aka Hell), Sepelio

    Heavy metal in Costa Rica was pretty active, thanx also to the relatively quiet economical/social situation compared to other countries of the region. The very first hard rock/heavy metal band known is DISTORSION who released 2 Ep's in 1985 and 1986 and partecipated to the very first rock compilation Lp in 1988 (I don't know if the 2 tracks featured are taken from the Eps or are new recordings. All the other bands featured on the compilation are plain rock or soft pop, nothing interesting). There is a hell of other unknown bands from the country: I found their names on local forums and blogs: unfortunately contacts with local collectors in order to get more information/recordings led to nothing. It seems that the very first band in Costa Rica were "Los Cavernarios" (The Cavemen) that, despite their name, played a sort of very good and thight heavy metal. Some collectors claim to have a tape with every existing recording of them. Rehearsal tapes are circulating for many bands, as you can see down below.

    Tracks included in the zipped folder:
    -DISTORSION: Songs taken from "A todo rock" Compilation Lp 1988.
    The first hard rock/metal band from Costa Rica. Formed in 1979 by Alberto Chaves (Guitars), Rony Vargas (Drums) and Juan Eduardo Montalto (Bass). Split up in 1988. Re-united in 2007.
    Alberto Chaves formed a very successful hard rock band, "Sin Paredes", in 1994.
    Other recordings: "Distorsion 1: Todo en su lugar/El ultimo tren" Ep 1985 (CBS Indica); "Distorsion 2: Perdido/Donde vive mi paz" Ep 1986 (CBS Indica)

    Other bands/releases not listed on the Metal Archives: Acepcia, Akelarre, Armagedon (various rehearsal tracks), Colemesis (Rehearsal pre-demo), Corrosion, Excalibur, Golgotha (In a world full of shit Demo 1991), Lascerate (Rehearsal Demo), Los Cavernarios (Tape with recordings 1985-1986), Morbid Symphony (A rehearsal tape seems to exist), Muerte (Rehearsal 1991), Pestilencia, Profanum (Rehearsal Tape 1991), Pseudostratified Epithelium (Rehearsal pre Demo), Psy War (Rehearsal pre Demo), Salem, Sentence (Rehearsal + Demo), Strobe (Rehearsal 1991-1992), Surgath (Rehearsal 1991-1992), Viuda Negra (Rehearsal)

    Also in Panama heavy metal scene was pretty active, due to a heavy presence of american residents too. I didn't enclose any band yet, though I have the grindcore maniancs Alambre De Puas with their only Demo 1990 not listed on the Metal Archives to show you.
    Some thrash bands turned into crossover/hardcore in the years to follow, for example Cabeza De Martillo who released 3 thrash/death demos in their very beginning and then turned into crossover/hc translating their name into the english word "Hammerhead". Also Conspiracion Piromaniaca had some thrash origins before playing crossover/thight hc. I think the list shown down below is the most complete list of bands who appeared from the very beginning up to 1992.

    other bands/releases not listed on Metal Archives: Caries, Cabeza De Martillo (3 demos: 1987, 1989, 1990, then changed name into "Hammerhead"), Carnivoro Castrador, Condroma (Across the lake Demo 199x), Conspiracy ("Evil within" Demo Track 199x), Disemburied, Hecatombe, Morbid Silence, Punishment, Rogam, Sarcoma (Pre-Disemburied: 1 rehearsal track), Sepelio (2 track rehearsal), Violator, Conspiracion Piromaniaca (Broma sangrienta Demo 1991, Entretenimiento funeral Demo 1992), Holy Death (Different seasons Demo 1992), Merciless Death (Rehearsal Demo 1990),

    Same as for Panama: there was a pretty active and huge scene since the very late 80's thanks to a huge presence of american expats/residents and contacts with mainland USA. Only a couple of bands/releases were not listed on the Metal Archives and are the following:

    other bands/releases not listed on Metal Archives: Godless (They released also the "Nefastus Angel" Unreleased Demo 1990), Excel (Demo 1991: I forgot to enclose it. Next time!)
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    Thanks for the songs, been following bands in Honduras since early 90s.
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