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Reviews » [Review] Whiplash Messages In Blood: The Early Years
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  • If you are a Fan of Thrash and a fan of Whiplash and don't know about this cd, then this is a must have.
    I want to state that I think the version of "The Burning of Atlanta" found on Ticket to mayhem, is not nearly as good as the version found on this album. Messages in Blood is a collection of demos and live recordings by the band on one cd. This booklet Contains notes from the band about the recordings and History of the band.

    First off we have the Thunderstruck demo which contain the songs King with the axe, Spit on your Grave, Thrash Til Death and Chained up Strapped down. My personal favorite song off the Thunderstruck demo is Chained up Strapped down, very awesome track. The demo was recorded at Reel Platinum Studios in Lodi, new jersey. It was orginally released in 1984 and Engineered by Bob Alleca.

    Then the 1985 Demo Looking Death In The Face. the tracklisting is The Burning of Atlanta, Stirrin' the Cauldron, Respect The Dead, Last Man Alive and Spit on Your Grave. The Demo was recorded at Sonic Studios in Freeport Long Island Which was Engineered by A1 Falcon. Also I am not making that up that is what it says in the booket "A1 Falcon."

    The next recording is "Live at the SHOWPLACE-Dover, NJ 16/8/85." It contains the songs Killing on Monroe Street, Eternal Eyes, Respect The Dead, Stirrin' The Cauldron, The Burning of Atlanta and Nailed to The Cross. The final Recording is titled "Live at CBGB's-NY 27/11/85." Once again it is a live recording, which you probably guessed from the title. The songs are War Monger, Messages In Blood, Nailed to the Cross and Stagedive.

    In conclusion, This album just rocks and contains early versions of Classic Whiplash songs. If you are a Whiplash Fan and don't have this album you NEED to get it. You can find it on ebay pretty easily and should be able to get it for around 12 dollars or less. If anyone is interested I could upload the files to Mediafire if you would like to preview it, to see if it's something you think would be worth spending money on. I am a newbie when it comes to file uploading so It might take some time to get the hang of it.
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    yeah I bought this from Sentinel Steel for $11 and it was money was spent! Thrash 'till 'deth!
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    This release is worth getting just for "King with the Axe", by far my all-time fav Whiplash tune. Top notch thrash!
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    Its a good release but a think is only for real whiplash fans only
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    Great release but I am pretty sure there's one demo missing....
    btw I prefer the version of Atlanta is Burning Down from this album...
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