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    Artist: Hammerhead
    Release: Will to Survive (2005) [CD Compilation]
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    Also released on LP by High Roller Records with a new cover art ( ... elp_bg.jpg) and a bonus track: 10. Mushrooms & Beer (live Recorded 16th December 2005, Seaton Royal British Legion).

    The LP is limited to 500 copies and comes on orange vinyl.

    Brian Hodgson - guitars, vocals
    Buzz Elliott - guitars, keyboards
    Steve Archer - bass
    Baz Ellwood - drums
    Additional musicians: Billy Branch - vocals
    Tyrone Larmour - drums, Frank Hall - drums
    1. Ton of Bricks – Hodgson/Archer (Elliott additional parts) – Baz on drums written mid 70’s – recorded 1981

    2. Don’t Look Down – rearranged from old Necromandus song by Hodgson/Archer – Frank on drums, Billy Branch on vocals. written 1971/2 – recorded 1984

    3. Lonely Man – Hodgson/Archer (Elliott additional parts) – Baz on drums Written mid 70’s – recorded 1981

    4. Crying as I fall – Hodgson/Scott - rearranged Hodgson/Archer 1978/9 Tol on drums, written 1974/5 recorded 1996 additional overdubs made by Elliott in 2005

    5. BJ Special – Hodgson/Archer - Baz on drums Written mid 70’s - Recoded live 1982

    6. Time will Tell – Elliott (additional parts Hodgson/Archer) – Baz on drums Written 1980 – recorded 1981

    7. Will to Survive – Hodgson/Archer – Tol on drums Written late 70’s early 80’s – recorded 1996 additional overdubs made by Elliott in 2005

    8. Heavy Handed – 2004 Elliott - written to fit over backing track

    9. Lochinvar – Bitter Harvest/Hodgson/scott Re arranged by Hodgson/Archer mid 70’s – Frank on drums Written 1973/4 – recorded 1984
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    Here's a track I found from their 1978 demo:
    Hammerhead (UK) - I'll Be Back (from 1978 Demo) [320 kbps]

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    Artist: Hammerhead
    Release: Will To Survive
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 256kbps
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    Brian Hodgson - Guitars, Vocals (JUDAS, BITTER HARVEST, DESTROYER, PLATEAU)
    Buzz Elliott - Guitars, Keyboards (8 HERTZ, PLATEAU)
    Steve Archer - Bass (BITTER HARVEST, DESTROYER)
    Baz Ellwood - Drums (JUDAS)

    Billy Branch - Vocals
    Tyrone Larmour - Drums

    Workington’s NWOBHM heroes HAMMERHEAD released one cult classic single, "Time Will Tell" b/w "Lonely Man" , in 1981, before being consigned to obscurity.
    The band initially formed in 1977, with it's members having cut their teeth in obscure acts like JUDAS, BITTER HARVEST & DESTROYER.
    A five song 1978 demo was quickly recorded, with the band then expanding from a trio to a quartet in 1979.
    The "Time Will Tell" single was issued in 1981, and garnered glowing reviews and cemented the band's future reputation.
    In 1984 the band had their song "Lochinvar", (inspired by the poem by Sir Walter Scott), included on the NWOBHM compilation LP, "It's Unheard Of".
    Throughout the 1980's the band continued to gig and record but no further product was forthcoming.
    Members pursued other musical interests, but would still occasionally come back together for the odd Hammerhead gig over the years, but the band made their final studio recordings in 1996.
    In 2004 the band resumed activity and began gigging and recording once again.
    Disparate studio tracks recorded between 1981 and 1984 and a pair from 1996 were then collated for the long overdue "Will To Survive" compilation album.
    There’s a guileless charm and real musical passion across the collection that makes you glad that so much time was spent piecing it together.
    The 9 songs of "Will To Survive" initially saw the light of day on compact disc only, released by the Sonic Age/Cult Metal Classics label in 2005.
    Guitarist Buzz Elliot was not 100% satisfied with the way the sleeve of the CD version turned out:
    "It is quite a good design, but maybe not the right style for Hammerhead, it reminds me of Marvel Comics style of drawing.
    I think it was loosely based around the lyrics of the title track 'Will To Survive', the song has a few lines within it referring to the aftermath of a nuclear war, hence the warrior emerging from a post apocalyptic scene.
    Sonic Age were supposed to let me see the design before it was produced, but in their haste and eagerness to get the project off the ground I didn't get to see it until it was too late to make any changes.
    The sleeves had already been printed, so what the hell, at least we're finally getting some kind of recognition for our work."
    The 2011 High Roller Records vinyl re-release featured an exclusive bonus track, a recent live rendition of "Mushrooms & Beer", and different cover artwork.
    It was released in a limited edition of 500 copies only, on heavyweight orange vinyl, and is now out-of-print.
    In between, a second Hammerhead album, "Headonizm", was released in 2006.
    It was comprised of songs written and performed by the band in the '70's & '80's, but not recorded until 2005.
    01. Ton Of Bricks (1981)
    02. Don`t Look Down (1984)
    03. Lonely Man (1981)
    04. Crying As I Fall (1996)
    05. BJ Special (1982)
    06. Time Will Tell (1981)
    07. Will To Survive (1996)
    08. Heavy Handed (2004)
    09. Lochinvar (1984)

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