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    Artist: Chateaux
    Release: Fight To The Last! The Anthology
    Format: Compilation
    Release Year: 2003
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK (Cheltenham)
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    Info & Line-up:
    Neat Records may well have been the undisputed most active independent label to promote the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in the early '80s, but ask the tough question of who came in second place and the odds-on favorite might just be Ebony Records, home of Grim Reaper, Savage, Demon Eyes, and the oddly named Chateaux -- here given the anthology treatment by reissue specialists Castle/Sanctuary. But, though they managed to salvage these long-forgotten tracks from vaults unknown, one thing that the label could not salvage was the atrocious sound quality of the original master tapes -- an unfortunate characteristic of much of Ebony's product. Where the compilation does score high marks, however, is that its contents -- one single and three albums spread over two discs -- actually comprise the sum total of Chateaux's career output, resulting in a truly complete anthology, for once. It also shows that, their debut 1982 single "Young Blood" and its B-side "Fight to the Last" aside, Chateaux's early material was quite passable and versatile NWOBHM, like a third-rate Saxon, if you will. Released in 1983, the oddly named Chained and Desperate also benefited from the powerful and distinctive vocals of future Beavis & Butthead favorite Steve Grimmett (covertly borrowed from Ebony stablemates Grim Reaper), who may have provided the ideal last piece of Chateaux's puzzle had he decided to stick around. As it happened, he didn't, and neither did anyone else save for guitarist Tim Broughton, for that matter, so that the revamped lineup that recorded the following year's disappointing Firepower could manage only half-baked clichйs and simple-minded riffs. Not altogether dissimilar, but also nowhere near as explosive as contemporaries like Savage and Tysondog, this direction was maintained for 1985's even less inspired Highly Strung, which also proved to be Chateaux's swan song in the end. All of which makes this anthology, complete or not, the sort of release that only dedicated NWOBHM collectors might find worthy of inspection. (Eduardo Rivadavia)

    Tracks 1-2 (CD1) is the single "Young Blood".
    Line up:
    Vocals/Bass: Alec Houston
    Guitars : Tim Broughton
    Drums : Andre Baylis

    Tracks 3-10 (CD2) is the debut album "Chained and Desperate".
    Line up:
    Vocals : Steve Grimmit
    Guitars : Tim Broughton
    Bass : Alec Houston
    Drums : Andre Baylis

    Tracks 11-14 (CD1) & 1-4 (CD2) is the 2nd album "Fire Power".
    Line up:
    Vocals/Bass : Krys Mason
    Guitars : Tim Broughton
    Drums : Chris Dadson

    Tracks 5-13 is the 3rd album "Highly Strung".
    Line up:
    Vocals/Bass : Krys Mason
    Guitars : Tim Broughton
    Drums : Chris Dadson


    1. Young Blood [from 1982 - Young blood (7'' Single)]
    2. Fight To The Last [from 1982 - Young blood (7'' Single)]
    3. Chained & Desperate [from 1983 - Chained and Desperate]
    4. Spirit Of The Chateaux [from 1983 - Chained and Desperate]
    5. Burn Out At Dawn [from 1983 - Chained and Desperate]
    6. Dawn Surrenered [from 1983 - Chained and Desperate]
    7. Straight To The Heart [from 1983 - Chained and Desperate]
    8. Baton Rouge [from 1983 - Chained and Desperate]
    9. Son Of Seattle [from 1983 - Chained and Desperate]
    10. Shine On Forever [from 1983 - Chained and Desperate]
    11. Rock N Roll Thunder [from 1984 - Fire Power]
    12. Roller Coaster [from 1984 - Fire Power]
    13. Eyes Of Stone [from 1984 - Fire Power]
    14. Hero [from 1984 - Fire Power]

    1. Run In The Night [from 1984 - Fire Power]
    2. White Steel [from 1984 - Fire Power]
    3. Street Anger [from 1984 - Fire Power]
    4. V8 Crash [from 1984 - Fire Power]
    5. Highly Strung [from 1985 - Highly Strung]
    6. Turn It On [from 1985 - Highly Strung]
    7. Hot Touch At Midnight [from 1985 - Highly Strung]
    8. Phalanx [from 1985 - Highly Strung]
    9. Chase The Sun [from 1985 - Highly Strung]
    10. Through The Fire [from 1985 - Highly Strung]
    11. First Strike [from 1985 - Highly Strung]
    12. One Too Many [from 1985 - Highly Strung]
    13. Midnight Star [from 1985 - Highly Strung]
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