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    Artist: X-Ray
    Release: Twin Very Best Collection I & II
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Japan
    Bitrate: 320 (Directly from .flac files)
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    As a little thank you for everybody who continuously answer all of the Japanese band requests I keep posting, I would like to share this in return. This is the absolute ultimate collection of songs by the Japanese heavy metal legends, X-Ray. It contains every song they had ever recorded (excluding V.A. compilations) as well as several live recordings, there are a heap of rare tracks here, all of them remastered and compiled together into this 63 song anthology. If you aren't familiar with X-Ray, they play an extremely upbeat heavy metal/hard rock (primarily metal though) driven by one of Japan's best metal guitarists, Shin Yuasa, in a style not unlike something you might hear in Loudness' work from the same era. This is one of my absolute favorites, I hope you enjoy it too!
    (Twin Very Best Collection I Disc 1)
    1. Theme of X-Ray
    2. Lonely Guys
    3. One Night Lady
    4. Hard Section
    5. Sexual Urge
    6. So Long Rumble
    7. Question
    8. Go Against the World
    9. Willful Lady
    10. Damsell
    11. Back to the Wall
    12. Last Show Time ~I Wish You Every Happiness~
    13. Singing Away
    14. Love Game
    15. Bloody Love
    16. Come On (Live)
    17. Lonely Guys (Live)
    18. Foolish Boys (Live)

    (Twin Very Best Collection I Disc 2)
    1. Theme of X-Ray II
    2. Stardust Way
    3. Tell Me About Yourself
    4. Trouble Maker
    5. Stealer
    6. Reflection Hide Away
    7. Off Scandal
    8. Power (Live)
    9. Don't Lie Don't Touch
    10. Rock Tonight!
    11. Burnin' Like the Fire
    12. Man in Black
    13. Lier in Your Eyes
    14. Ammy
    15. You Got the World
    16. Human Dog
    17. Fade Away
    18. Burnin' Like the Fire (Live)
    19. Dirty Girl (Live)

    (Twin Very Best Collection II Disc 1)
    1. Foolish Boys
    2. Come On
    3. Dark Night
    4. Gamblin' Man
    5. Power
    6. Born to Die
    7. Lady Ray
    8. Wait for Tomorrow
    9. I'm in You
    10. Anyday! Anytime!
    11. Black Heart
    12. 愛のヒーロー (Ai no Hero) (We're Not Gonna Take It) (Japanese Twisted Sister Cover)
    13. Take a Chance
    14. In a Warnin'
    15. I Don't Worry It
    16. Burnin' Like the Fire

    (Twin Very Best Collection II Disc 2)
    1. Man in Black (Live)
    2. Burnin' Like the Fire (Live)
    3. Rock Tonight (Live)
    4. Lonely Guys~Lady Ray~Willful Lady~Lonely Guys (Live)
    5. Trouble Maker (Live)
    6. Stardust Way (Live)
    7. You Got the World (Live)
    8. Tell Me About Yourself (Live)
    9. Last Show Time (Live)
    10. Foolish Boys (Live)
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    I nearly ignored this band...good thing I didn't, because these guys rule

    It's sweet classic Metal with a smooth sound and the vocalist has a great voice
    Also the quality of this best of collection is first class...definitly recommented

    EDIT: Oh yeah some songs also have slight neoclassical touch, which is great of course :)
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