Bootlegs [Black / Death] » Haggard (Ger) - Rock al Parque, Bogota Colombia Parque Simon Bolivar [Bootleg] (27/Junio /2009)

Artist: Haggard
Release: Rock al Parque , al Parque,Bogota Colombia Parque Simon Bolivar 27/Junio /2009 (Bootleg)
Genre: Progressive Death Metal (early); Classical/Orchestral/Symphonic Metal (later)
Country: Munich , Bavaia , Germany
Bitrate: 192 Kbps
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Haggard is a neoclassical Metal band from Germany. They are known worldwide for their unique mix of classical, medieval and metal music, thus achieving position, together with Therion, as one of the most representative bands of symphonic and neoclassical metal in the world. Taking a tour of almost every continent in the world, Haggard has become one of the most important symphonic metal bands in Germany.
Founded in 1989, they began as a Death metal band, during which time they recorded the demo Introduction (1992), which went unnoticed at that time. Two years later they recorded the Progressive EP (1994) and the following year they recorded their third demo Once ... Upon A December's Dawn (1995) including Hans Wolf on keyboards and Steffi Hertz on viola, but always in the Death line. metal. Later, Asis Nasseri, leader and composer of the band, as well as guitarist, vocalist and classical percussionist, decides to evolve. Already a group of 16 musicians, they released the album And Thou Shalt Trust ... The Seer, based on the life and work of Michel de Nôtre-Dame, in the days of the Black Death.

In 2000, with 21 members and a clearly defined style, Awaking the Centuries was released, which preserves the theme of the previous album, and their tour concluded with the production of Awaking The Gods, a concert recorded at the Railway Theater in the city of Mexico.

In 2004 the band released the album Eppur Si Muove, inspired by the life of Galileo Galilei and his situation after supporting the heliocentric model.

His most recent work, Tales of Ithiria, was released on August 29, 2008. The album tells about an imaginary land called Ithiria, which is prey to wars and devastation, from this album the single of the same name is released. : "Tales of Ithiria".

The group sings in several languages ​​such as Latin, German, English and Italian, they have a Spanish version (Son of the Moon) and in their second studio album (Awaking the centuries) different lyrical constructions can be appreciated in French.

1.The Origin
2.Tales of Ithiria
3.Per aspera ad astra
4.Heavenly Damnation
5.The Final Victory
6.In a Fullmoon Procession
7.Eppur si muove
8.The Day as Heaven Wept
9.Origin of a Crystal Soul
10.Awaking the Centuries

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