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    Artist: Blitzz
    Release: Unreleased LP
    Genre: Female Fronted Power/Speed Metal
    Country: Germany
    Bitrate: 192kbps
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    thats not my upload (from the old blog), biggest thanks goes pleace to STRAPPADO
    this is for me one of the best female fronted metal band (Split-up 1992 ?)
    1. Money rules the world
    2. Lucifer
    3. Greed
    4. Tarantella
    5. Black is black
    6. Easey booty
    7. Voices
    8. Do the Blitzz
    9. EL 34
    10. Demon of the night
    11. School's out
    12. Run for your life
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    Blitzz - Do The Blitzz

    Band Info:

    Country: Germany
    Location: Erfurt, Thüringen
    Formed: 1988
    Style(s): Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal
    Status: Split Up

    Release Info:

    Type: Full Length
    Carrier: none
    Recording Year: 1988, 1989
    Release Year: never released
    Release Style: Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal
    Label: GAMA

    Release Line Up:

    Kerstin Radtke - Vocals
    Thomas "Tommy" Feiler - Guitars
    Jens Hellmann (aka Flatzz J. Wahnoff) - Bass
    Frank Fiebach (aka Fips Ascon) - Drums


    01 - Money Rules The World
    02 - Lucifer
    03 - Greed
    04 - Tarantella
    05 - Black is Black (Los Bravos cover)
    06 - Easy Booty
    07 - Voices
    08 - Do The Blitzz
    09 - El 34
    10 - Demon Of The Night
    11 - School's Out (Alice Cooper cover)
    12 - Run For Your Life


    BLITZZ was the first East–German Heavy Metal band having a record deal in West Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall. In 1988 a record deal was made with the West German label GAMA Records in association with the East German broadcasting. An album was recorded but never released, due to the political change in East Germany. The recordings presented here are very likely recordings for the album in question. In 1990 the band got a record deal with Steamhammer/SPV, Hannover and "Do The Blitz", 6-Track EP was released, making the one and only official release of the band.

    Since the album has never been released, there is no cover for it. So I used the cover of the 1990 EP.

    Bands Timeline

    *1982-the band was founded under the name PRINZZ, being originally a New–Wave teenie band
    *1982–1987-a lot of tours, change of line-ups and gradually change of musical style
    *1987 ultimate line–up as a Heavy Metal band
    *1988-tired of being mixed up with the midget from Minneapolis the band changed their name to BLITZZ
    *1988-record deal with the West German label GAMA Records in association with the East German broadcasting. An album was recorded but never released, due to the political change in East Germany
    *1990-record deal with Steamhammer/SPV, Hannover, "Do The Blitz", 6-Track EP was released
    *1992-Kai T. joined the band as second guitarist
    *1994-the band split

    Download Info:

    Format: MP3
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
    File Size: 100 MB
    Host site: Zippyshare
    Link: Get It Here!

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