Bootlegs [Speed / Thrash] » Megadeth (US) - Live at Keystone Berkeley, CA, USA [Bootleg] (15/4-1984) [Lossless FLAC]
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    Artist: Megadeth
    Release: Live at The Keystone, San Francisco, California [Bootleg] [Lossless FLAC] (1984.04.15)
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Country: Los Angeles, California
    Bitrate: FLAC
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    This is an analog recording. I traded for it in 2000 or 2001. Can't remember. I remember only listening to it once since I graded it about a C when I first listened to it. A tinny handheld cassette recording at a small club.

    I am glad I decided to re-listen to it though. Adjusting the bass and treble with a little volume boost and I would give it a B-/B. I think it is worth a listen because it is pretty unique. Kerry King plays the whole show on 2nd guitar, though I assume the guitar solo is Mustaine because it sounds like Mustaine. Let me know if you think it is Kerry King, though why Kerry would write a guitar solo for a Megadeth show seems out of character for him. ( say this solo is "into The Lungs Of Hell," by the way.)

    There are some abrupt cuts. One occurs 27 minutes in with what I assume is a tape flip. Another one is cutting out the encore pause. The other one is pretty conspicuous, because it is right after Mustaine finished commenting about Mechanix. I assume, since he had in the past, started talking shit about Metallica at that point and someone edited it out. No fun. Leave that shit in. I have a recording of Steve Gunn talking shit about Kentucky Basketball during a playoff game in which they were currently 38-0. That shit went over real well. Anyway, I spliced those together so that they are hopefully, not noticeable at all, but they may be.

    It is also interesting because some The Conjuring, while being complete had barely any lyrics and Bad Omen starts differently. I was never much on the 1st or 3rd Megadeth records (though the 3rd might be okay, though I don't know if I will ever re-listen to it), but Peace Sells saw heavy, heavy rotation in my high school years, and I wished they would have played more off of it when I saw them in the late '90's. They played Wake Up Dead once when I saw them, but other than that I think I only heard Peace Sells live. Oh and the live debut of Good Mourning/Black Friday with a completely fizzled out ending. Anyway, would recommend it if you are a fan of early Megadeth.
    01 Am I Evil? (diamond head) (0:40)
    02 Set The World A Fire (4:34)
    03 Chosen Ones (2:21)
    04 Skull Beneath The Skin (4:00)
    05 Conjure Me (the conjuring) (3:47)
    06 Looking Down The Cross (3:40)
    07 Last Rites (0:32)
    08 Loved To Deth (3:33)
    09 Next Victim (my last words) (4:17)
    10 (dave mustaine) (1:34)
    11 Bad Omen (4:25)
    12 Devil's Island (4:25)
    13 The Mechanic (4:30)
    14 Rattlehead (4:13)
    15 Good Mourning/Black Friday (4:27)
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