Bootlegs [Heavy / Power] » Monolith (Ita) - Live in Torre del Lago, Viareggio, Italy: Farewell Show [Soundboard Bootleg] (29/7-1986)
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    Band: Monolith
    Country: Italy (Viareggio)
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Release: Soundboard live bootleg
    Date: 29-07-1986 (29 July,1986) - Farewell show
    City/venue: Torre del Lago (Viareggio)
    Bitrate: mp3 - 320 kbps
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    MONOLITH (they took the name from the Conan the Barbarian's novel "The curse of the Monolith") were born in 1983, when the hard rock trio MAGNET ( Godzilla, guitar - Bruno, bass - Lorenzo "Big Jaws" drums ) , joined forces with Claudio ( vocals) and Mad Max Lazzerini ( guitar). This first line-up recorded a five-track demo, the self titled "MONOLITH". It gained good reviews and so the band played in some of the most important italian metal festivals of their time.

    In 1984 Beppe " Clepty" took the vocal job, and a new demo was recorded, "An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth". It contained the old five tracks re-recorded, plus four new songs. This tape was a real success.... it was sent all over the world, and gained excellent reviews; Monolith appeared in two international compilations with the songs "Night of Outrage" on Satan's Revenge (New Renaissance, 1985) and "Why Don't You Die" on Speed Metal Hell Vol II (Steamhammer, 1987) but they never achieved a deal with any label and quitted in the summer of 1986 playing the last show the 29 of July.

    Lazzerini info: ... ini/196741

    1986 Line up:
    Giuseppe "Clepty Mc Charon" Moccero - vocals
    Maurizio "Godzilla" Passaglia - guitars
    Massimiliano "Mad Max" Lazzerini - guitars (RIP 1965 21-04-2008)
    John "The Witch" Fantozzi - bass
    Lorenzo "Big Jaws" - drums
    01 - The Crack Of Doom
    02 - Stop The Time
    03 - Take Me Away
    04 - The Beast Down Inside
    05 - Winners can be losers
    06 - Standing On The Outside
    07 - One Night Stand
    08 - Max guitar solo - Dangerous Love
    09 - She's Looking For Feelings

    self made cover
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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    The band evolved, matured since their beginning, is very tight and this great soundboard tape is precious, since their hard to find stuff is presented here in full glory!! Needless to say, a must for all 80's nostalgers and hunters of the obscure!! Many thanx MARCO, not only for the brilliant upload, but for the infos and the large pic file included!! BEERS UP!!! porosimetal
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