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    Band: Ария (aka Aria)
    Country: Russia (Moscow)
    Genre: Hard Rock (earlier) Heavy Metal (later)
    Release: Audience live bootleg
    Date: 1986-XX-XX
    City: Stavropol (Former U.S.S.R. - now Russia)
    Venue: Unknown
    Bitrate: mp3 - 320 kbps
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    This bootleg was published on cd in 500 copies some years ago by the
    mexican pirate label "Steeler records and tapes" and i ripped it to mp3.

    Ария (Aria) is one of the most famous heavy metal band coming from
    former USSR,founded in 1985 they started as an hard rock band and
    released fourteen studio albums and several live albums and dvd;
    at the end of the 80's they moved from HR to HM and singing in
    their own russian mother tongue and they are still active;Aria's first
    stuff is quite difficult to find so enjoy it!!!

    Line up:

    Valeriy Kipelov - Vocals
    Vladimir Holstinin - Guitars
    Andrew Bolshakov - Guitars
    Kirill Pokrovsky - Keyboards
    Alik Granovskiy - Bass
    Igor Molchanov - Drums


    1.Maniya Velichiya (Intro)
    2.Vulkan (Unreleased song)
    3.Bivni Chernix Skal
    5.S Kem Ti?
    6.Legenda Ob Ikare
    7.Bez Tebya
    8.Vokrug Sveta Za 20 Minut
    11.Eti Igry Ne Dla Nas
    12.Vstan, Strah Preodolej
    13.Million Plastinok (Unreleased song)
    14.Zdes Kejut Metall
    15.Volya I Razum
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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    templarsteel wrote:
    Bill Rizer wrote:
    templarsteel wrote:YEEAAHH ! One of my favourite Band of all times !! thank you 1 000 times !!

    Yeah! For me too! Ariya is my first heavy metal band and one of the few russian hm bands which I like.

    In ex-USSR times, there were plenty of Bands I liked as KONSUL, MOST DELTA (1st LP), AVGUST, VIY, UDAR, and so on .. In Russian Times, you should check the 1st CD from EIDOL, the 1st MCD from KOLIZEY and the 2 first CD's from NATISK : )

    Will check every single band from that list. I've listened to Viy but do not remember anything except that it was ok heavy metal and that they was thanked on one of Ariya's album. I believe the only band Ariya has thanked on cover in old days.
    Avgust is second band from that list which I've heard. I've lsitened to 1989 LP and song number 5 - Doroga v Nikuda (A Road To Nowhere) are amasing. I accept recomendations for bands which sound similiar to this song.
    By the way, both Avgust an Viy was downloaded from heavymetalraririties board - hooray to forum! (knight666)
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    templarsteel wrote:VIY, UDAR

    Please, help me a little bit more)
    When I started to search for these bands I've found that there was many VIYs in ex-USSR, two of them are mentioned here ВИЙ. Also there were at least two UDARs УДАР.
    Which ones do you talk? If you don't know locations they are from when tell me name of releases or songs.
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    Viy from Moscow was a great hm-band with nice lyrics and beautiful vocals. My favorite songs is "Orkestr Titanika (Titanic Orchestra) and doom-influenced Bez Kresta (Without Cross)".
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    I've listened to Консул [Konsul] - decent heavy metal with lyric on social themes. I remember that at least they have one song about consequence of nuclear war - something that crust band can sing.
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