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    Artist: Slauter Xstroyes
    Release: Rare 80's Stuff Compilation (Bootleg)
    Genre: Power Metal
    Country: US
    Bitrate: 192 Kbps
    Hidden Link
    Requested by BloodOfChrist here on the Requests Section / Re-upload of the old blog
    Thanks goes to Rob DoomedPlanet - the original compiler/ripper/uploader !
    1. Saints Revenge [7" bootleg Single]
    2. Free The Beast [Free the Beast]
    3. Blood In The Streets [Free the Beast]
    4. Syncopated Angel [Free the Beast]
    5. Farther Than Yesterday [Free the Beast]
    6. Bitch [Free the Beast]
    7. Nsz 190 [Free the Beast]
    8. Dignified Disaster [Free the Beast]
    9. E Pluribus Unum [Free the Beast]
    10. Burning Rock [Free the Beast]
    11. It #1
    12. Maniac #1
    13. Deep Blue Dreams #1
    14. Voodoo On You #1
    15. Maniac #2
    16. Masters
    17. Avalon
    18. It #2
    19. Witches Honor
    20. Gargoyle
    21. Raygun
    22. Deep Blue Dreams #2
    23. Voodoo On You #2
    24. The Creator
    25. Glacier Thrasher
    26. Brainchild
    27. Came To Bright Light
    28. 22
    29. The Last Song
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    Yeeeeeah. These rip, so glad to have these back. Havent heard them since 2012 until yesterday!!! I have 2 more songs that dont appnceear in here or on any album. Does anyone have contact info for Rob or know anyone whos a big SX collector/Chicago native? Im gonna be in Chicago in a few months hangin with Coven 13 and Vatican and watching them +Warlord, Ostrogoth, Salems Wych, etc. I wanna just drive around blasting SX and see who notices, and ask them "w,re I can find a band member or somebody with the phone number of a band member, right-fuckin-now"!! Gotta cold call that shit n bring Coven or Vatican with me to meet SX.... thatd be a dream come true. But weirder stuff has happened especially when I was in Parma ;)
    This 17-year-old kid who lived in New York contacted me... The kid’s name was Kenny... he said “You are The Mezmerist!”... I said, “What makes you think that I am The Mezmerist?” And he qualified it.

    - TOM "MEZO" POLLOCK (Decibel magazine)
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