Bootlegs [Hard Rock] » Garçon Fatal (Ita) - Live in Roma, Italy [Bootleg] (05/11-1987)
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    Band: Garcon Fatal
    Country: Italy (Roma)
    Genre: Hard Rock/sleaze/Glam Punk
    Release: Audience live bootleg
    Date: 05-11-1987 (5th of November,1987)
    Venue: Uonna Club
    City: Roma
    Bitrate: mp3 - 320 kbps

    Please note that i did not spli the tracks,all songs
    are in a single file,enjoy it!!!

    Gig/release party of the 7" inch "Fox On The Run/Tell Me" officially
    published the day before (you can clearly hear the singer saying
    it while introducing Fox On The Run at the end of the show)


    After having played in various punk bands of the Roman circuit,
    the vocalist Luigi Bonanni (Bads, Centocelle City Rockers) together
    with Lorenzo Tovoli and Andrea Morelli (both coming from Klaxon) formed
    Garçon Fatal in 1986 with Carlo Riccioli (Nighters, Bloody Riot ) on drums.
    They record the first demo "Liars" which will be the soundtrack to a
    soft-core movie by Joe D'Amato where they will make a brief appearance.
    In 1987 they recorded a 7" High Rise label with the cover of Sweet "Fox on the run"
    confirming the punk-glam orientation of the group.
    In 1989 the Florentine Contempo Records produced the album "Love and Pride",
    playing live with the americans Thin White Rope, Camper Van Beethoven, our Litfiba, Boohoos.
    1993 saw the turning of the sung in Italian with the production of the demo
    "Tre spaghetti in ...." published as an attachment to a well-known Roman music magazine,
    supporting Negrita, Ritmo Tribale and participating in various rock festivals.
    With the entry of Duracell on drums and Maurizio Bidoli on guitar (both from Fingernails)
    replacing Tovoli and Riccioli the sound became decidedly more aggressive
    for a short period but the dissolution (in 1996) was inevitable.
    In 2001 Bonanni returns to the track with a new line-up confirming the presence
    of Morelli on bass, recording the CD "Il meglio del niente" (2002) and playing together
    with Damned.

    In 2018, on the occasion of its thirty-year anniversary, the reissue of the First Love & Pride LP
    for Contempo Records came out, celebrating its first forty years of activity.
    For this occasion the historical members of the group (Bonanni, Tovoli, Morelli, Riccioli) gathered
    to take part in various live and promotional events.

    Line up:

    Luigi Bonanni - lead vocals
    Lorenzo Tovoli – lead guitar, vocals
    Andrea Morelli – bass, vocals
    Carlo Riccioli – drums


    1 - I'm Looking For You
    2 - Tell Me
    3 - Decline
    4 - My Father
    5 - Sweet Poison Blues
    6 - Baby Killer
    7 - (Don't) Love
    8 - Fox On The Run (The Sweet cover)

    Hidden Link
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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