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The Sweet Nightmares Radio Show is putting out its first compilation CD of local Houston bands. There are plans to follow up with more comps featuring bands from all over Texas but this first one is Houston based. Of note for this first release is a couple of tracks by Lace Dragon and Dark Reign. Lace Dragon has just re-released their first album so I expect a track from that to be on here but the Dark Reign track is a mystery whether it will be a newer track that hasn't been released or if it will be something older possibly from their demos.

The announcement:
Compilation announcement . Here are the first 12 bands . Okay we are pleased to announce that in conjunction with Goat Throne Records (Houston/Conroe) And Sweet Nightmares radio show will be the very first nightmares vol 1 compilation CD. Most of the bands on here will contribute brand new songs that have not yet been released. With a few of them being some of the classic bands stuff being released again or now active. All these bands so far are from Houston Texas. The very first volume will be pretty much all Houston bands with the consideration of a couple bands from Texas to be added to it. More to be determined as we put this together. This compilation is a celebration of Sweet Nightmares radio show and the Houston metal underground scene. We try to Spotlight all of the awesome bands from death metal bands to Doom metal bands and anything in between in this compilation. So far we have ten contributing bands to this compilation. We will announce more of them once we get them all finalized. We hope to have this released before the end of the year and also a CD release party to celebrate this release. This will be a release of several different volumes through the next few years . We thank every band and all of you for the support. More info to be announced soon. A special thank you to Aaron Comos at Goat Throne records for helping us out with this. Here are the 12 bands in no particular order. Also this is a non-profit release. We would also like to add the very first compilation will be dedicated to the memory of Bill Bates .

Sculpting Atrocity
Lace Dragon
Beaten and Butchered
Brutally Mutilated
Thy Feeble Savior
Dark Reign
Baron Von Bomblast
Space Rino
Long Since Dark
Putrid Womb
I'm interested in any and all Texas metal from the 70's - 90's. Message me if you post anything from Texas.

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