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How do you like GASMAC GILMORE?

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To any open-minded metalhead I´d like to introduce Austria´s Finest:   Gasmac Gilmore

Pretty sure you never ever heard of them, though (imo) they are the most innovative, talented, listenable, varied, humorous, weird, brilliant, artistic, inventive & fascinating crossover (metal?) band in our small country.

Already founded in 2002, it took 10 years for me to discover them. It was about summer 2012 when I first read about GG and stepped into their YouTube channel.
What I saw totally blew me away, because I wasn´t exspecting anything like that - seriously, not at all:
      The Monkey March video
Some months later they pulled out another superb video clip, a satiric persiflage on whatever you might think… - Better watch yourself… and don´t miss the end:
      Pitchblack video
"No I will never bleed for anyone - I choose the pitchblack bubblegum…" (whistle) - Watching this I was fucking wasted & speechless - again.
Thus I immediately bought their brilliant Dead Donkey album and found myself addicted to this band ever since.

There´s many other great videos: Watch Feed another, eat each other, check their old splatter videos like Mama, muy bien or Zirkus, see songs from their extraordinary live gigs (Six Feet under, The Monkey March, Do You like some Mayonnaise?) or just go through their playlists.
And please consider this to be an independant unsigned band. I´ve hardly ever seen such amazing, impressive low budget videos before.

Hard to describe what kind of music they actually play, fans label this as "Balkan Metal", others call it Alternative Metal though they hardly fit into any genre exactly.
It´s simply a unique Avant-garde fusion of Klezmer/Balkan/Metal/Gypsy/Groove/Folk/Swing/Ska/Polka.
I´d say they started as Avant-garde Alternative Rock/Metal band in their early days developing their own unique "Balkan style Metal" they play nowadays.
Besides the traditional guitars/bass/drums setup there´s quite a lot of instruments to hear: Accordion, mandolin, trombone, cello, trumpet, ukulele, clarinet and some more wind instruments.
Make up your own mind - for me this is quite Metal, since there are many 'Metal riffs' at all of their later songs, but maybe not enough for an Metal-Archives entry, though I see a chance for their latest album…

=========== Here´s some facts about them: ==============
Artist:     Gasmac Gilmore
Genre:    Folk/Groove/Thrash Metal/Crossover or "Balkan Metal": Avant-garde fusion of Klezmer/Balkan/Metal/GypsyGroove/Folk/Swing/Ska/Polka.
Country: Austria (Vienna)
Formed:  2002
Links:      Website + Discography/Shop, YouTube, FaceBook (fanpage), SoundCloud, Spotify.

Gasmac Gilmore — 2012 — Dead Donkey   → hear full album at YouTube or Spotify
• Gasmac Gilmore — 2012 — The Monkey March — [ep]
Gasmac Gilmore — 2008 — About Boys and Dogs
Gasmac Gilmore — 2007 — Sicknum — [ep]
Gasmac Gilmore — 2006 — Little Lucy
• Gasmac Gilmore — 2005 — Zirkus — [single]
• Gasmac Gilmore — 2003 — Sicknum — [Demo]   → I´m still in search of this one, hope I´ll get my hands on it sometime.

What the press says:
PlasticBomb" (June 2012) wrote:What Gogol Bordello are to Punk, Gasmac Gilmore are to the sophisticated headbanger.

Rock Hard (Aug 2012) wrote:… pretty shrill and coloful, wild and riotous. There´s no Ballermann - this is pure Balkan, man! (rated 8.0/10)

Metal Hammer (Sep 2012) wrote:It´s always a pleasure to be taken completely by surprise by a band and at the same time be totally blown away by them.

Laut (Aug 2012) wrote:The fact that this crew is not rocking festival stages all over Europe is a grievance that needs to be corrected as soon as possible!

I gladly can confirm all these impressions: It´s a miracle to me why they´re not the big thing already, filling stadiums or other big venues all around the world, but they simply don´t. Well they were signed by Sony BMG once for their 2008 album, but obviously kicked, so they´re still unsigned yet. - This fact is the hardest to believe for me, since I´ve seen so many monosonic major label bands, nothing else but bloody boring… (bored)
Don´t think it´s their fault alone, they´re doing promotion by themselves as good as they can, just check out crazy promo stuff like their hilarious extra "gig" at the Lottfestival 2013, the famous gig in a phone box(!), the Guerilla gig in the Viennese metro, the boat gig at Vienna´s Danube Canal or their EPK 2013/Press kit video

I´m sure they´d hit it big if living somewhere else (UK, US, Scandinavia or maybe Germany).
Well, enough whining - maybe this post will help a little bit to grow their fan base!

I promise you, once you´re hooked with Gasmac Gilmore´s kind of polka-rhythm these catchy tunes will never leave your head again. (listenmu)
Of course I might be a bit too overwhelming - that´s why I´d love to hear your opinion - any comments highly appreciated!
Please give it some time to check them out and to answer the poll afterwards. Thank you!

Initially posted on 03 Feb 2016.
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Cool band, it's very difficult to mash several genres together successfully, and from the songs I checked out, it appears they've done so quite well.

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