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  • Been a subject of hot debate among the Metal Night crew. I liked it, but I don't think it's a great "metal" album. Some of my blogging partners are really disappointed in it because, to quote, "It's too much Blue Oyster Cult and too little Mercyful Fate." I agree with that, I would have really liked to hear something heavier from them also, but I feel the quality of the songwriting does the first album proud. Any Ghost fans out there feel strongly for or against the new album? Is it metal or not? In everyday listening, of course, it doesn't matter. One listens to whatever they want to hear at the time. In the context of discussing metal at our weekly gathering though, it's an important distinction.
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    This band reminds me a lot of Voivod.check out Angel Rat and tell me this doesn't sound like Ghost.Never thought of B.O.C. but now that you mention it I can hear a lot of them also.
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    I like it but i don't really consider it a proper metal album, sure it has heavy and doom stuff but it's not enough for me. I still like it as an album and of course im getting a copy of it :)

    I hope they can explore different lyric themes from now on! I do like their lyrical production but i need to hear something new.

    ps. they are coming to my country on september! i can't wait! :P
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    I wasn't aware this was out yet until I read your post, pigbodine. I've since given the full album a couple of blasts on youtube and have to say I think it is superb. In terms of the heaviness, I think what made the first album so strong was the melodic, fairly simple, but highly effective songwriting combined with the satanic imagery, which made for quite an unusual mix. With this follow up it seems to me they've built on those foundations. I'd heard the single 'Secular Haze' a few times before and admittedly wasn't that struck by it to begin with, but it has now really grown on me. It's a worthy follow up to the debut in my opinion and I will definitely be buying it.

    In terms of whether it's 'metal' or not, it depends on how clearly you want to define the boundaries of rock/metal. I'm not too concerned about drawing distinctions between hard rock and metal as there is obviously so much crossover (but that's probably a discussion for another thread), so for me yes - it's metal.
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    Sounds like dance music at parts. I don't hear MF in their music at all. Not even in their previous material. Total tripe imo.

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    I hardly think that calling something "Too much Blue Oyster Cult" can be construed as any sort of insult, but I grant that I'm more than a tad biased in that area. :) On its own merits, it's a perfectly fine album but nowhere the level of the first one (which turned me into a "Ghost fanatic" as it were). I'll take this over the last Witchcraft and Graveyard and maybe even The Sword (never to be confused with the old Canadian metallers...), but I don't think it'll spend as much time in rotation as the first one. Still, maybe it's a grower....

    Hmmm, I hadn't made the Voivod comparison, but...yeah, I can hear that when I'm listening for it.
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