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  • Well, everybody knows that day is today and the meaning of that, so, the topic is simple, tell us about the influence or the importance of Ronnie James Dio´s music

    I will tell about my experience:

    Eleven years ago I was twelve years old and one day I was listening the radio and suddenly the magic was born for me, in that moment begun a epic song with a great drum solo intro and a epic riff, but something came after that, a voice, really powerful, really magic, I was shocked because I never listen somebody with a voice like that, in these days been begin to listen Heavy Metal and classic Hard Rock, but something was different, from other level, several years after that event I discovered that song was Stargazer, from that day when I knew who is Ronnie James Dio I knew that he isn´t only a singer, I knew that HE IS THE SINGER.

    In 2006 Dio came to Chile but I was so ill and I was very sad for didn´t go to his concert, that day he played songs like Rock And Roll Children or the same Stargazer but my revenge will come in 2009 when Dio came with Iommi and the guys of Heaven And Hell, when I knew about the news I bought my ticket and I wait for the day, I remember that was sectored tickets for the show and I passed the barriers to be near the stage, when H&H concert begun suddenly appears in middle of the stage and was SO AMAZING, the magic in the air was so strong, my hero was there, so near, he was so real and I didn´t believe it, that concert was one of the greatest moments in my life and is a great memory for me.

    Ronnie is the greatest influence to me, he made magic with simple words and with a voice very strong and powerful, maybe his body died but, his spirit and his legacy from that sad day becomes the legend, Rest in Peace!!!
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    Ronnie James Dio Was a Awesome Vocalist and His Music from Both Elf, Rainbow, Sabbath, His Solo Years & Heaven & Hell Were Indeed Exelent the First Time i Ever Heard Ronnie James Dio Was With Rainbow Man Was That Exelent Then So On i Try to Track Down Almost Anything Dio But Not as Much Luck Couse the Only Thing By Dio i Own is Holy Diver, The Last in Line, Dio at Donington UK: Live 83 & 87, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Black Sabbath's Mob Rules & Black Sabbath's Dehumanizer But When i Heard Dio Died it Made Me Sad But Everything He's Made Was Great His Legacy Will Forever Live On in the Heart of Everyone Who Loved His Music So There Are My Words
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    I never care when a "celebrity" dies, but I was honestly devestated when Ronnie James Dio died - very much to my own surprise, actually.

    It's not like I worship everything he's ever done (far from it!), but he was always "there"... you know? Ever since I first discovered heavy metal as a kid. And he always struck me as a GENUINELY decent and down-to-earth guy, with a truly great amount of integrity, talent, humor, intelligence and kindness. The metal community could really use more people like him..

    I don't think I ever realized just how much he has meant to me throughout the years until he was gone - rest in peace, brother! You are sorely missed.
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    The greatest singer ever,The last in line was the first heavy metal album i've ever heard and Rainbow's Stargazer is my favourite song.Words are poor enough to describe Ronnie's greatness...

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