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Hi forum I’m new to this forum. I’ve collecting for a long time. I collect a lot of Shrapnel related material either audio, video or dvd very hard stuff to find but I’m willing to share some to this forum but not everything I’m going to share which will remain in my vault maybe I’ll change my mind. Who knows. I also have some rare AOR music as well. I did mention on my 1st post here in this forum about reuploading the Racer X Practice tape 1 but how many y’all know that there is a 2nd tape. Racer X rehearses over Skit Skat Wah. It’s pretty funny because they messed up going over Skit Skat Wah. I’m glad to be here. I also do trades regarding only to Shrapnel I don’t collect everything. Please don’t ask me about if I can trade or have or share Metallica or Pantera because I do not collect that stuff.
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