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I f I remember at the time Turbo they hoped Turbo would be there Pyromania. JP wanted the commercial success. Both cds are ok, not like classic JP \m/
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jamsonic1 wrote:Prince has too many to think of one notable example is The Black Album (1987)

I heard about that by Kevin Smith, maybe on one of his talking concert tour dvd's like An Evening with Kevin Smith.

Since Prince is (supposedly) dead, will the ton of his unreleased albums finally be released?
(No, I don't care about Prince, but am curious).

David Cassidy, 1970s teen/pop idol recently died.
His fans (and Partridge Family fans) I bet are wondering if his family will finally allow his solo and P.F. recordings to be released.
He never allowed it unless he was paid a lot, and the record companies were unwilling pay his asking price.

In the past (1950s-90s), sometimes after musicians die, a flood of material hits the market, so the record companies would cash in.
These days, with illegal sharing via internet, I guess it doesn't happen as much?
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The Kill The Bitch album recorded in 1998 was never released. It still sits as a rough mix promo that was circulated on the tape trading circuit and online in some blogs. No record label would touch it due to the lyrics. But many songs are on youtube.

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The aborted unreleased WARRIOR album from 1982 was finally given a CD release by Hear No Evil/Cherry Red this year as "Warrior: Featuring Vinnie Vincent, Jimmy Waldo, Gary Shea, Hirsh Gardner".

The Warrior story starts in 1982 with the Boston based band NEW ENGLAND, featuring keyboard player Jimmy Waldo, bassist Gary Shea and drummer Hirsh Gardner.
Their plans to record their fourth album with Todd Rundgren were scuppered when their guitarist, John Fannon, unexpectedly quit the group.
They put the word out that they required a new singer, and as they shared management with KISS, Gene Simmons recommended an unknown Vinnie Cusano, who was then helping Kiss with their “Creatures Of The Night” opus. Although Kiss liked Vinnie Cusano, it was felt that his lack of height was a hindrance to joining them as a full-time replacement for Ace Frehley, so Vinnie sent New England a tape of his songs, and an audition was set-up.
New England liked what they heard on Vinnie’s cassette so much that they decided to learn the whole set of songs in preparation for Cusano’s audition. The four hit it off, but it was obvious that this was a new band, soon to be christened Warrior, and not just a seamless continuation of New England. It was also agreed that the four would relocate from Massachusetts to Los Angeles, and began recording the songs that had appeared on Vinnie’s demo tape. Fergie Frederiksen was then brought in to sing & allow Vinnie to concentrate on guitar.
Despite making some very good music, Warrior’s career came to an abrupt end before it had even started when Vinnie was offered the opportunity to join Kiss full-time, becoming 'Vinnie Vincent', before eventually forming VINNIE VINCENT INVASION.
Hirsh Gardner returned to Boston to produce, whereas Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea would stay in Los Angeles, forming ALCATRAZZ with former RAINBOW and MSG vocalist Graham Bonnet and a relatively unknown 20 year old guitarist from Sweden called Yngwie Malmsteen fresh from his stint with STEELER.

Info from ... h-gardner/
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There was a Christian metal band called Vengeance Rising. Shortly after the band broke up, the lead vocalist, Roger Martinez, became an atheist. He reformed Vengeance Rising as a secular act, and the new lineup recorded an album called Realms of Blasphemy in the early 2000s, which was never released.

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