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I appreciate almost all rock genres also (rockabilly, post punk, traditional gothic rock, some alternative, progressive, hard rock...). I don't like only modern genres like Nu Metal, Grunge, Symphonic Metal, because them seem emocore on melody and vocal. Outside rock, I appreciate traditional reggae, blues, soul, jazz and some old rap school musics (70/80 years).
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I was metal only (100%, for a long time). Nowadays, easily over 90% of what I listen to are heavy metal (or hard rock, for that matter, though, mainly heavy metal); heavy guitar music, per se. That's only music genre that I really, truly love, which never lets one down. I was born before the mid eighties; my earliest memories of music that I really liked were of heavy metal ever since I was in third class of school (9years old). Of music, I collect only heavy metal records, because that's the only genre worth of owning physical records for me.

I'd like to admit, that sometimes I do listen some 80s inspired synthwave stuff, if I'm on mood for that. I also enjoy some soundtracks, such as from video games: Skyrim, Fallout 1 etc; or from movies such as: Blade Runner, Terminator 1, Conan the Barbarian.

That's pretty much it, though.

What I really can't stand, is 99% of all Rap and Hiphop music. And I really dislike all the modern pop music, too.
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Duh... i'm total in goa-trance (till 99, because after this it come from undeground to mainstream) / berlin school / spacesynth / Vangelis + Basil Poledouris + John Carpenter / outrun & new retro wave + demoscene music ...i mean music from C64/Amiga/Atari computers...... bakk in days i listen only metal and nothing more... over time, I expanded my horizons and found a lot of other amazing styles. Big reasone i start listen other genres - i understand how hard to make this music, i talk about music with spirit and soul, not this mainstream bubble-gum like shitty pops on mtv hehehe... but in all main part of my life is metal music...cheerz.
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Seems like a theme here. I too was strict "metal or die" in my youth. I took up the guitar and that broke me out of that as I started appreciating different styles of guitar playing. Further more, as I've gotten older, I started listening to bands under the metal umbrella that I couldn't stand when I was younger, like, glam/hair stuff.
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