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NJ_thrasher wrote:If you want a band which combines aspects of both death and sludge, I highly recommend Disbelief from Germany. All their albums are worth checking out.

I had another listen to Disbelief and they're pretty good, I'm just not in the mood for the doom style at the moment, I know it's a contradiction but I just want fast and angry stuff at the moment haha.

riptorn wrote:
Motorised wrote:Vektor are really good from what I've heard of them. From what I've heard of Opeth and Mastodon they're not my thing but I could always give them another go.

Opeth have made some astounding music that's well worth investigating. Their more recent stuff isn't thrilling me however.
I'd recommend the 'Blackwater Park', 'Deliverance' & 'Damnation' albums to anyone.
As for Mastodon, 'Leviathan' is the one i'd point you towards. There's so much imagination and invention in the riffing & song structures.
Again, their recent stuff is a bit 'meh'.

Where would you put Three Inches Of Blood and Nekrogoblikon? They sound like a mix of death, thrash, heavy and I have no idea what else metal but the vocals are interesting as they sound like goblins or some sort of creature.

Deadly Sinners - 3 Inches of Blood

Nekrogoblikon - No One Survives

Nekrogoblikon - The Goblin Rangers Theme

I have no idea what Nekrogoblikon are all about. I simply don't have any frame of reference for that type of music.
3 Inches Of Blood seem to take most of their influences from the old school 80's bands, it's very retro to my ears.
Not bad, but lacking that killer riff to me. And the vocals? Nah.

You were confused by sub-genres in 1987? I had no idea it went that far back! I thought it was just recently with all of the -cores and what not in the 1990s. That's probably the best way, I just figured there is so much stuff out there that I found it easier to go by genres but it seems that I miss out on a lot of great bands that way!

To be honest there weren't that many sub-genres by then, but still more than enough to give me a headache. You had terms that (at that time) predominantly described a band's ideoligies rather than their music (Black Metal/White Metal/Straight-Edge/Anarko-Punk/Crust etc), those that seemed like hair-splitting to me (Speed Metal/Thrash Metal/Crossover) and all the other more general terms; NWoBHM (a term that covers a huge variety of styles but was specific to a single time & place), Hard Rock (covered everything from Bon Jovi to Circus Of Power and thus could be most misleading), AOR (which simply meant 'avoid' to me), Heavy Metal (again, could be very misleading as it was such a wide definition), Avant Garde (which seemed to be a default definition. Lumping Voivod in with Celtic Frost. WTF?!)
By the time we arrived in the 90's i had no idea what any of the new sub-genres meant, but most of it just gave me the shits (to borrow a handy Aussie expression). They seemed to then split into further sub-sub-sub categories like cell division in science class, and i simply gave up on it.
There's only two types of music really, that which you get something from and those that you don't.
If it inspires passion in someone then i respect it, but as an old fart myself i tend to concentrate on what i know i like for the most part & discover less exciting new music as a consequence. I'm likely missing out on some great stuff, but if it's for me then i have faith that it'll find it's way to me at some point.

I apologise about the delay in my response, riptorn!

No worries mate.

Vektor are amazing, I just bought their two albums. I am impressed! I'll have to give Opeth and Mastodon a go again as well. There are some bands for some reason, I feel that I should like but I just couldn't get into them. Extreme metal and Pantera grew on me so anything is possible. Although I can't stand the whiny vocals in some metal bands.

I probably have heard Opeth's and Mastodon's new material which is why I wasn't too impressed by.

That's fine, I figure you are quite knowledgeable about music so I thought I'd ask you but you can't know every single band ;)

There was a genre called 'White Metal'? (shocked) Please tell me they weren't a bunch of racists :-/ Oh no, not AOR! Kane Roberts from Alice Cooper was a great heavy metal guitarist and his second album was an AOR, a real shame. I thought Voivod and Celtic Frost are/were both thrash metal bands. Hahaha, nice use of an Aussie expression. How do you know about Australia? Apart from the 'stereotypes' in films haha. I completely agree with you there being only two styles :D

You should explore different bands and music, since I've done some exploring, I've found so much great material! I was always thinking about keeping to styles I know and dismissing others that didn't fit. I was so wrong haha.

Killtava wrote:
Motorised wrote:What is Deathcore?

Thanks for the explanation. Hehe, I only saw your reply now. :/
If you're still wondering, Deathcore is a mix of metalcore and death metal, and metalcore is a mix of hardcore punk with heavy metal riffing.

Pretty confusing, isn't?

Anyway, better of you hear it. Listen until 1:30 to get a better vision of it. (WARNING: You stomatch will feel a little weird!):

EDIT: By the way, I'll upload you request soon. ;)

Thank you for that, Killtava. In the past few months I have actually become fond of 'some' deathcore, even though I know you hate it with a passion haha. I love the speed and power of deathcore but depending on which band it is, it can be lacking guitar solos, unfortunately. I find metalcore a bit hard to listen to, the 'clean' vocals ruin it for me most of the time as they're usually whiny. Thank you for the explanation :D

That album by Bring Me the Horizon but I don't read the lyrics like most extreme music as I know it's going to be pretty bad. I don't touch any Cannibal Corpse apart from their covers. I can't even remember what you were going to upload for me haha.

M0GL13 wrote:I have a compilation i can upload for you (it includes Eyehategod etc). First band that comes to mind is BONGZILLA. That band is classic in sludge/stoner lists. "Goblin Cock" is an interesting band too .

M0GL13, that would be great if you could upload that compilation album for me. Is BONGZILLA's material all about smoking marijuana? Hahaha, there are some really interesting band titles out there. Goblin Cock just sounds humorous!
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For sludge, seek out Sloth from Cleveland OH. They've been at it for over 15 years and they rule!
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Here are a couple of each...

Death Metal
Gorefest > ... 550D45DDCA
(A bit brutal in style and vocal delivery, but awesome musically)
Desultory >
(A bit brutal in style and vocal delivery, but awesome musically)
Fear Factory (Earlier Material) > ... tml5=False
(This, their debut and the next release, which was an EP is about as far as I went with them. Great drumming, guitar tone and dual vocal style by Burton C. Bell.)

Nightfell > ... tml5=False
(Newish sludge band with members from hardcore band, Tragedy.)
Eyehategod >
(Godfathers of filty sludge!)
Crowbar > ... tml5=False
(Crushing album/band...period!)
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Noothgrush are excellent as are Coffins from Japan
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Their early work is just superb.
Help me with my wantlist!
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