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Hi, I'm Transea from Italy (listenmu3)
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Italy (it) Male 
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hi i'm Diego from Guatemala

I'm 41 and listen metal since I'm 14 years old, for me there is nothing better than listening old Sepultura, Obituary and King Diamond.

So because thanks to this corona stuff have much free time, before I literally worked as a mule, breaking my back
with little time for everything!!!

Well, for now I hope to stay in this forum for as long as possible uploading and sharing music.

So cheers and don't hesitate if I can help uploading music or videos

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Bringer of Steel
Guatemala (gt) Male
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Hey all,

As above I've got so much free time these days and I've been looking for somewhere to waste it. Not many forums seem that active these days. Don't mind a bit of a chat myself and if it's about metal or computers all the better. So I'm interested to see where I can throw some words around here.

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Hello and nice to meet you! I am from Greece 32 y.o. and i have just discovered this forum!
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Greece (gr) Male
Name: Takis
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Hi, everybody around!

I´m the newby here on HMR Forum/Rare & obscure Metal and I signed up because I´d like to share my enthusiasm & thorough interest in 80es Metal in general & in the NWOBHM in particular.

I live in Franconia, a lovely region in Bavaria/Germany, well remembered to be a real Hard Rock-/Metal-Hotspot during the early eighties (my "musical cradle" used to be the legendary Hemmerleinhalle/Nuremberg where all the great bands of these days showed up for a gig on their European tours).
THESE days, unfortunately... a lot has changed sinced then, but I did not! (HM2) ;)

And so I sticked to my guns through all these years; cherishing music & playing music (, and I can´t imagine to have it any other way!

Over & above that I am writing for a German fanzine (, and in the meantime I began working on an article on the Teutonic Steel bands of the 1980es.

Whatever - I´m looking forward to a great & fulfilling exchange with you maniacs around here - CU!


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Germany (de) Male
Name: Klaus
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Hails! It is a pleasure to participate in the Revelation Of Doom. I'm from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I am the founder and guitarist of the 80's War Metal band: Holocausto. I hope to have a lot of interesting information about Extreme Metal worldwide. Hugs.
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Brazil (br) Male
Name: ExterminatorHWM
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Hi everyone one and thank you for letting me join, I’ve been an iron maiden fan for over 35yrs I also like pink Floyd and Rush, I’m from Yorkshire in the U.K.
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United Kingdom (uk) Male
Name: Alan
Rank: Living in the Dark
Location: Leeds
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