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Opinion on the new Black Sabbath album "13"?

I like it
It's OK but not great
It sucks
I have no opinion but I like to vote
No votes
Total votes : 17

[BBvideo 425,350][/BBvideo] Full album can be heard here

It's not as unique or original as their old stuff, but I still like it.

I saw them live last week and they were excellent. Ozzy sounded (mostly) OK, and Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler nailed it.
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I think it's pretty good, but the songs on the second disc (since i own the 2 disc pressing) were awesome, just plain and simple headbangers like how it should be.
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Agreed! I bought the digital deluxe version. The 8 main tracks are mostly quite long and dirgy, and God Is Dead? is my favourite of those. I like the bonus track Peace of Mind even more. It's just so damn catchy. The album's not groundbreaking, but it sounds great to my ears. It doesn't compete with their first 3 albums or Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, but it's not far behind for me. It's #2 on my list of favourite albums from 2013 so far. I hope they make another one, but I'd like to hear a bit more variety or something. Maybe some more fast and rowdy stuff like Peace of Mind, and something crushingly doomy or scary to rival 'Black Sabbath'.

I got to see them live twice this year, so I saw them play a few new ones. End of the Beginning and Loner didn't sound very good, but maybe because I didn't know the songs in advance. God Is Dead? sounded awesome.
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I recommend to anyone buying this album to buy the "Best Buy" Deluxe version which includes "Navete in Black" as an extra.
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The album is great. I do not write because I'm always a big fan of Sabbath. Just a great piece of music. I saw them in June in Lodz and it was a concert of my life. They were absolutely brilliant. I would like to have in their age so much energy and desire to play heavy music. I hope that the Sabbath will record another great album and will go on another tour.
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