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Hail! Just wondered what some people thought of some of these "remastered" titles that have been popping up as of late with the CD reissues... I've been very aggravated with labels that remaster the sound of 80's metal vinyl, but leave all the vinyl noise in there! (Clicks, scratches, surface dragging noises). As far as I'm concerned, if you can't clean the vinyl noise, don't attempt a reissue. Like the Wicca "Splended Deed" reissue, it looks very nice, good packaging and even kept the original album cover artwork (a bonus), sound seems a bit "modernized" but there's still the vinyl noise!

While still there, the Black Hole "Land Of Mystery" reissue also suffers the same fate, and what was ever MORE disappointing, the 2 CD reissue of Manilla Road's first two albums was VERY poorly done. SO much vinyl noise it made those unlistenable... Now, my early attempts at remastering were to use hiss reduction to "mask" some of the more subtle vinyl noise; this resulted in loss of higher tones that weren't louder audio to begin with. Now, with the secondary remastering process, we have automated software that removes the noise without damaging the highs... Still, this process isn't 100 percent, meaning we still might have to manually remove a few clicks here and there, but the process is now so much faster. Besides that, no hiss reduction is used and we have gone back to the original sources to do secondary remasters... Just wanted to get people's opinions; I am definitely wanting to start Vibrations Of Doom Records sometime within the next year or so and officially put these things out...

Those who are interested, listen to some of the 80's metal secondary remasters on DOOM Radio, our weekly online 2 hour show where we play many rare 80's metal cuts alongside newer stuff just released and everything in between (shameless plug). It's in MP3 stereo like WREK, Atlanta's longest running FM radio station for metal...
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I totally agree with you!All the ''remastered'' titles are not really remasterd.!So simple.The CD can ''afford'', as you know higher recording level than a VINYL does: they just copy the VINYL to CD and increase the rec level.That's all.
I've been transfering VINYL to CD over 10 years and I've been practicing my skills all this time and I have used a lot of software programes to make my ''VINYL CD's'' sound almost perfect:no clicks, no pops, no vinyl noise etc.
On the other hand all these ''recording companies''(?) have one thing in their minds: money, nothing else.Because if you want to make a good CD from a VINYL you must work a lot of days.
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Don't forget the 'distortion' levels you get from vinyl, if the album wasn't manufactured well. the closer the needle gets to the center of the record, the worse it sounds because the 'grooves' are smaller. they'll never invent software to fix this problem. Anyone hear the 1999 Century Media/Lonely Planet Records reissued 'remaster' of Agent Steel's "Unstoppable Force"? Wow! That version of that album was remastered very poorly. so bad, the label had to 'reissue' the reissue in 2006 because of the complaints about it. another thing I'm seeing lately is labels ripping cassettes to digital, 'remastering' those, and reissuing them. That situation is even worse than the LP debacle.
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Bands should always take care of their master tapes. If they don't have the master tapes, they should re-record the music, and label it as it is.
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