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1. Harvest Moon - Tales of Wonder
2. Tresspass - one of these days
3. Diamond Head - Shoot Out The Lights
4. Jaguar - Axe Crazy
5. Dark Star - Lady Of Mars
6. Cryer - The visionary
7. Mendes Prey - onto the borderline
8. Holocaust - Heavy metal mania
9.Bleak House - Rainbow Warrior
10. Witchfynde - Give 'em Hell

(metal) takes me back to my youth
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Strappado wrote:I changed the topic to "Top NWOBHM 7" as it was almost impossible to list only 10..
You now have free hands to list as many favorites you want.

Virtue - We Stand to Fight 7"
Richochet - Midas Light 7"
Arc - War of the Ring 7"
Black Axe - Highway Rider 7"
Hell - Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us 7"
Scarab - Poltergeist 7"
Tyrant - Hold Back The Lightning 7"
Cynic - Suicide 7"
Wolf - See Them Running 7"
Bleak House - Rainbow Warrior 7"
Y Diawled - Noson y Blaidd 7"
Trident - Destiny 7"
Bashful Alley - Running Blind 7"
Charger - Desperadoes 7"
Jaguar - Axe Crazy 7"
Apocalypse - Stormchild 7"
Dark Star - Lady of Mars 7"
Demon Pact - Eaten Alive 7"
Slayer/Dragonslayer - I Want Your Life 7"
Hollow Ground - Warlord 7"
Jameson Raid - Seven Days of Splendour 7"
Mythra - Death and Destiny 7"
Battleaxe - Burn This Town 7"
Reincarnate - Take It Or Leave It 7"
Chinawite - Blood on the Streets 7"
Satanic Rites - Live To Ride 7"
StormQueen - Come Silent the World 7"
Angel Witch - Angel Witch 7"
Briar - Rainbow (to the Skies) 7"
The Scrubs - Battle 7"
The Badger Bell Band - Nothing Left 7"
VHF - Heart of Stone 7"
Witchfinder General - Burning A Sinner 7"
7 Year Itch - Oo Ya Ha 7"
Energy - Nowhere to Hide 7"
JJ's Powerhouse - Running For The Line 7"
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Reaching For The Sky 7"
Sparta - Tonight 7"
Burner - Savage Killer 7"
Burner - Hammer of the Gods 7"
Dragonfly - Dragonfly 7"
Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania 7"
Lautrec - Mean Gasoline 7"
Sabre - Miracle Man 7"
Satan - Kiss of Death 7"

Great taste, I quote you because all my fav NWOBHM 7" are in your list

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I have always had a big issue with Apocalypse - Stormchild song. One of the most horrible choruses of HM history!
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Some of my favourite NWOBHM EPs - 7'' are :

MARQUIS DE SADE - Somewhere Up in the Mountains
RITUAL - Into the Night
VIRTUE- We stand to fight
VOLTZ- knight’s fall
TYRANT - Hold Back The Lightning
OMEGA - The Prophet
TRIDENT- Destiny
EXCALIBUR- The bitter end
MEDNES PRAY- On the borderline
CHARGER- Desperadoes
ORACLE - Oracle
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top 15 + 1

Jaguar - Axe crazy
Diamond Head - Shoot Out the Lights
Satan - Kiss of Death
Blitzkrieg - Buried Alive
Traitors Gate - Devil Takes The High Road
Talan - Spellbinder
Stormqueen - Come Silent The World
Virtue - We Stand To Fight
Tyrant - Hold Back The Lightning
Charger - Desperadoes
Hollow Ground - Warlord
battle axe - burn this town
Trespass- One Of These Days
+Iron Maiden - Soundhouse Tapes
Dark Star - Lady of mars
Bleak House- Rainbow Warrior
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Here are some of my picks. I'm not fortunate enough to own the original releases of these, just able to enjoy them through re-releases or downloads..

* A II Z - "No Fun After Midnight" 7"/12" (Polydor 1981)
* Hollow Ground - Warlord (1980; 7-inch; Guardian Records)
* Jaguar - "Axe Crazy" (1982) Neat
* Samson - "Hard Times "/ "Angel With A Machine Gun" 1980
* Witchfynde - "Give 'Em Hell" / "Gettin' Heavy" 7" (Rondelet, 1979)
* Tygers Of Pan Tang - "Euthanasia" / "Straight as a Die" - 1980
* Vardis - "If I Were King" (Castle, 1980)
* White Spirit - "Midnight Chaser" b/w "Suffragettes" (1980, MCA Records)
* Witchfinder General - "Burning a Sinner" (1981)
* Witchfinder General - "Soviet Invasion" (1982)
* Weapon - "It’s a mad mad World"/"Set the Stage alight″ ( 1980)
* Sledgehammer - "Living in Dreams"/ "Fantasia " (1980)
* Badger - "Silver Woman"/"Something I've Lost" (1981)
* Venom - " In League with Satan"/ " Live Like An Angel,Die Like A Devil" (1981, Neat Records)
* Girlschool - " Race with the Devil"/ " Take It All Away" ( 1980, Bronze)
* Geddes Axe - "Sharpen Your Wits"/ "Rock And Roll Is The Way" (1982 , Steel City)
* Gaskin - "I'm No Fool"/ " Sweet Dream Maker " ( 1981, Rondolet)
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ritual - into the night
hammerhead-time will tell
praying mantis-captured city
seventh son-man in the street/immortal hours
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No wonder i have 2 strong favorites because they're real gems deserved to be sent in the Space to represent HWOBHM to the aliens (knight2)
From 7"s: After Dark-Evil Woman
From 12"s: Quartz-Satan's Serenade
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Here is mine

Venom - At War With Satan
Satan - Court In The Act
Iron Maiden - The soundhouse tapes
Gaskin - I'm No Fool
Tyrant - Hold Back The Lightning
EXCALIBUR- The bitter end
Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania
Mythra - Death and Destiny
Tresspass - one of these days
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Too difficult to name the absolute 10 faves, so I'll just post a list of killer singles. :)

Marquis De Sade - Somewhere up in the Mountains 7''
Bollweevil - Rock Solid 7''
Big Daisy - Footprints on the Water 7''
Tyrant - Hold Back the Lightning 7''
Arc - War of the Ring 7''
Bleak House - Rainbow Warrior 7''
Charger - Desperadoes 7''
Virtue - We Stand to Fight 7''
Reincarnate - Take it or Leave it 7''
Sapphire - Jealousy 7''
Satan - Kiss of Death 7''
Blitzkrieg - Buried Alive 7''
Hell - Save us from those who would Save us 7''
Radium - Through the Smoke 7''
Dragonfly - EP 7''
Witchfinder General - Burning a Sinner 7''

Well, there's some.. Still 2074850 to go, ha ha.
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Marquis De Sade - Somewhere up in the Mountains
Satan - Kiss of Death
Holocaust - Heavy Metal ManiaDeath
White Spirit - "Midnight Chaser" b/w "Suffragettes"
Tresspass - one of these days
Diamond Head - Shoot Out The Lights
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wow,cant believe i didnt see much love for Rock Goddess, Diamond Head or Tank .

also i dont now if anyone considers Fastway as NWOBHM but if you do they should be at the top of the list.
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Just wanted to say thanks for the lists guys!
Essential check'em out lists in case of those bands that I'm unfamiliar with.
I write an amateur blog just for the sake of fun at:
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looks like this topic is a little dead but I'll add my favorites anyway. many people say "it's hard too choose" and "there are so many". well, there actually are many, several hundreds at least, but after collecting the specific 'brand' or metal / rock music for a few years, I can clearly see WHY so many of the bands didn't get recording contracts and any attention from the labels. many of them sound the same, or just like weaker versions of other, better bands. so many tried to copy Judas Priest and other bands popular at the time, and lots of them were just mediocre. they might be rare, expensive and elusive, but not so many of them are actually good music. the musicians are not that good, the singers are weak and the production sucks (NOT the bands' fault on many occasions though). so here are some of those I think are worth the attention, and sometimes even worth a portion of the price they go for :

1. Hell - Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us 7'' 1983. they actually did deserve the success they get today, and then some. these guys really stand out among the legions of boring repetitive bands. somewhat a British parallel of Mercyful Fate.

2. Satan - Kiss of Death 7'' 1982. some actually good musicianship from the Newcastle guys, especially Ramsey and Tippins. it's not wonder their lineup didn't change much during their rather interesting history. this single also features the BEST and most fitting Satan vocalist, Trevor Robinson. the material recorded with him was heavier than most of their later stuff and it's a real shame he didn't continue with then, could have been a really fantastic band. he was replaced by Lou Taylor, Ian Swift, Brian Ross, Lou Taylor again, Michael Jackson, and finally Brian Ross making a comeback, but none of these singers could fit in as well as Robinson (all are good singers I'll give them that).

3. Fist - Name Rank and Serial Number 7'' 1980. an early example of prime NWOBHM, from the same geographical area as Satan. the guys were all good musicians, and songs are just good ! well written and catchy material, this one was Fist's best output, and got them signed to MCA. a real classic of NWOBHM.

4. Steve Crowther Band - Red Herring 7'' 1982. pretty rare and very much unknown until recently, this single is another one that really stands out. I love crazy and weird, and Mr. Crowther seems to deliver. Red Herring is Deep Switch on steroids, making it a really fun single to listen to. the b-side is a tad weaker, but still preserves the feeling. this lot hailed from Essex, another fertile region who brought some of the real talent to this scene.

5. Hollow Ground - Warlord 7'' 1980. another band from on Guardian, from the Newcastle area, and actually related to Fist. this EP is real top notch NWOBHM. again 1980, and again very talented and capable bunch of musicians. Flying High is extremely catchy, and one of the best early 80's metal examples I've heard. they too stood out among others, and should have done more with their talent.

6. Big Daisy - Footprints on the Water 7'' 1980. looks like much of the good stuff came out in 1980. the musicians were still strongly influenced by classic rock and even if they tried to emulate other bands, back then in the earliest days of NWOBHM they had only the most worthy role models. Big Daisy were veterans even then, as I know they existed as far back as 1977, maybe even earlier. so seasoned musicians active since the early 70's in different projects, and ex-Trapeze man Mervyn Spence did a pretty good job on this Ellie Jay release. the music is much closer to classic rock than to metal, which makes it stand out in a good way. too bad it was pressed in such small quantities, and the band was virtually unknown outside the general Birmingham area. They later carried on as Jury, recording a demo and a track for one of the Ebony LP's, trying to appeal to the label's audience, but eventually broke up.

7. Sweet Revenge - Hawks of Cairo 7'' 1983. admittedly these Irishmen were by far not the best band around (overshadowed by NWOBHM tytans like Sweet Savage) but this single (unbelievably better than the first one) has one of the catchiest a-sides I have heard. the b-side is nothing to get excited about, but Hawks of Cairo is just great and it really sticks ! the musicians had some experience by then, so they knew what they were doing, but judging by the other songs were not good enough !

8. Quartz - Sugar Rain 7'' 1977. OK I had to mention Quartz. a band with tons of experience, starting as Bandylegs in 1974, friends of Black Sabbath and real classic rockers. this was their first single under the Quartz moniker, taken from the first LP 'Deleted'. showcasing real 70's influences, great musicianship and solid songwriting. Mainline Riders, the 2nd track is in my opinion their best song ever, with Sugar Rain and Street Fighting Lady not far behind. Sugar Rain begins with this 60's feeling, but it takes Quartz only a few seconds to bring in the Heavy, and keep it just in the background throughout the whole song. Quartz had a really good run after this, with the occasional support from Tony Iommi could have made it even bigger, but their 1983 album wasn't much good and they folded.

9. Arc - War of the Ring 7'' 1981. Arc didn't make much of an impact, and were not widely known, but their second single War of the Ring was a very interesting example of quality NWOBHM, with the heavy a-side and the weird melancholic Ice Cream Man on the flip side. far from the Olympus of rock musicians they still had a portion of songwriting talent in them, and the best thing is, they knew how to make it sound heavy. the rest of their material written during the 80's was also under clear Sabbath influence. now, the lyrical theme of the a-side is obvious, making it a pretty cool and enjoyable, especially for Tolkien fans such as myself, while the b-side is also a real treat, some slow, heavy melancholy.

10. Sweet Savage - Take No Prisoners 7'' 1981. nothing else came to mind at the moment, so I'll go with Sweet Savage. representing Belfast, Vivian Campbell and his friends did a pretty good job, at least in 1979-1981, when most of their classics were written. Campbell was and still is a great guitar player, quickly snatched by Dio to play on his best albums. Ray Haller's voice is another treat, standing out among many weak and un-charismatic singers. Now, this is one of those singles where the b-side is as good, if not better, than the a-side. both Take No Prisoners and Killing Time are real scorchers, showcasing quality songwriting and a high level of playing. a classic !

OK I have more 7'' singles I like and deem worthy, but 10 is a good round number so I'll stop here.
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listening to Marquis de Sade for the first time thanks to this thread and it's awesome!
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