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I saw that the limit of 5000 labels for bands was reached. That's not good, of course, so I'll give some suggestions on what could be done.

It is HIGHLY unlikely that the limit will be increased by Google anytime soon, so let's not hope for that.... It was raised from 2000 a while ago and they said that's it for the foreseeable future.

An "easy" method would be to move the blog from Blogspot to Wordpress, because they don't have such limitations. There are tools out there to make the transfer as easy as possible.

You could also use an CMS and forget about nearly any limit.

Maybe simplify the labels, so you won't need that many labels, i.e. dropping the band names. This'll ruin the search function, of course - so a CMS might be the best solution, but trying to move the blog elsewhere is worth a shot I think. If it doesn't work out nice and smooth, just can it and consider a different solution.

If you need any help, you know where I am! (cheers2) (cheers) (beer1)

NB: A large number of labels may also affect the blog, read this:

When you add your blog to Google it sends it's spiders to index your blog. The spiders index all the pages in your blog and arrange them into a Main Index and a Supplemental Index. You should take all steps possible to prevent your pages from landing into the Supplemental Index.............

When people search using Google it returns the results found in the Main Index. If it does not find any results there it turns to the Supplemental Index. When Google spiders crawl your blog whatever duplicate content they find is dumped into the Supplemental Index.

When you apply labels to your posts in the bottom frame of the post editor when creating a post or on the posts list page you are actually creating duplicate content. For example the following links on a New Blogger blog will bring up the same content : ... ST_TITLE_A

when the Labels A and B are applied to the post : POST_TITLE_A. When Google crawls your blog the duplicate content pages are placed in the Supplemental Index. The more labels a post has the more content is duplicated in the blog.

The Official Google Blog has this to say about duplicate content :

Understand your CMS: Make sure you're familiar with how content is displayed on your Web site, particularly if it includes a blog, a forum, or related system that often shows the same content in multiple formats.

If most of your site is in Google's Supplemental Index you may find your income and traffic dropping sharply. To find out how much of your site/blog is in the Supplemental Index type this in Google's Search Box : *** -sjpked

OR *** -sljktf

Replace '' with your blog URL/link and press Enter on Keyboard. To find the total nuber of pages indexed enter this in Google's search box :

Again replace '' with your blog URL/link and press Enter on Keyboard. You will get a list of your pages and those in the Supplemental Index will have that label. See picture below :

In the above picture one of my label pages is in the Supplemental Results. You will also see your feed pages in the supplemental results.

To find the percentage of pages in the Supplemental Index : *** -sjpked
----------------------------------------------- * 100%

I did some research on this and found that blogs having labels were having this percentage ranging from 70 to 80%. Blogs with classic templates not using labels were having a very low percentage. You can check this put for yourself. If you find an old blog without labels calculate the percentage and you will see it is low.

This blog also has a higher percentage which I will aim to reduce by deleting unnecessary labels and by adding only one or two labels to each post in the future. Applying a label can get you traffic but too many labels will land your blog in the Supplemental Index.

I though that could be interesting.

As far as I know, there is no workaround that'll make Google/Blogspot let you add more labels.
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