Progressive Rock » Wyscan (US) - Third Wish (1995)
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    Artist: Wyscan
    Release: Third Wish (1995)
    Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 320 Kbps
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    The One and only album from US prog rock/metal act Wyscan. The band formerly known as Third Wish

    I contacted the former singer on Facebook and he burned me a copy of the Wyscan album and included the Third Wish EP. In his words:
    "The band was originally called "Third Wish." We released an EP, "Third Wish," by Third Wish. After we released, another band with the same name made us change our name. We picked "Wyscan" It means "wish" in Olde English. The New CD was called "Third Wish," also but was released as the band name Wyscan. None of the songs from the EP were included on the disk, but I have included them on yours. There is an additional song that was dropped from the CD. I will look for it and if I find it, i will send you the MP3. Also - We used to do some Instrumentals live. These songs were not included on the CD either, but they are on Jonathan Kreisberg's first CD - The Jonathan Kreisberg Trio (1996) I think, and have the same band members minus the keyboard player and of course myself. This is basically what split the band up - Jonathan's quest to persue instrumental Jazz.
    It is a shame, because he was the best rock player I ever heard.
    If you like the CD ""Third Wish," Spread the word! I would like to see it re-printed..."
    1. Trance
    2. Guilty
    3. The Wanting
    4. Tears Alone
    5. The Fate of the Individual
    6. Paths
    7. Precious Hologram
    8. Another Revolution
    9. Colors Collide

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    DANNEQ,thanx a lot,man!!ANOTHER EXCELLENT PROG GEM!!This one follows the same style of the THIRD WISH 1993 (EP),it's like RUSH with more jazzy and fusion elements!!SUPERB CD!!!Thanx again for introducing and sharring all these awesome prog obscurities!! porosimetal
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