Progressive Rock » Dark Crystal (Ita) - Il Sogno del Guerriero (1990)
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    Band: Dark Crystal
    Country: Forlì (Italy)
    Genre: Prog/Hard Rock
    Release: LP
    Title: Il sogno del Guerriero
    Year: 1990
    Label: Private pressing
    Bitrate: 192 kbps
    new link by jasonkont in comment section below
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- ... se/4924137
    Dark Crystal hailed from Forlì(Italy),for years it was rumored about this band and this elusive LP,when finally three/four years ago some copies
    popped out in fairs (at high prices,of course);
    the artwork could be misleading,they did not play HM, it's a good example of Hard/Prog Rock with italian lyrics.
    This LP was recorded at Katapult studios in Karlsruhe(Germany) in 1990 thanks to the friendship that bound the band to the producer Kay Schlunz.
    the A side was recorded between 2nd and 3rd of October ,B side was recorded live at the Jubez Zentrum of Karlsruhe the 5th of October.

    Only promo copies were made(it seems no more than 50 copies) with the aim to find a proper deal(on the back cover shows " Campione senza valore, non vendibile = Sample without value,not for sale ") but it never happened and DC disbanded in 1992,only Marzio Petronici went on playing after moving to Switzerland ( ) while the drummer Francesco Tesei became a well known mentalist ...
    ( )
    Line up:
    Gigi Agostini - Lead vocals and keyboards
    Marzio Petronici - Guitar and backing vocals
    Nicola Ballelli - Keyboards and backing vocals
    Marco Ballelli - Bass guitar
    Francesco Tesei - Drums
    Alessandra Savioli - Backing vocals
    Side A:
    Non ridere di me
    Il Sole***
    I lupi di Marina***
    Side B:
    Solo Dei(Il sogno del guerriero)
    Su di te
    Luce Chiara
    Rosa Fumetto

    *** On the vinyl track #2 fades into #3, i did not split these tracks to
    maintain the continuity of the music,pictures scans included in the RAR,enjoy!!!
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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    Searched for samples from this LP a long time.. thanks
    I thought it was pure solid heavy metal at first (as you said in the notes) - it had the awesome artwork and bandname - DARK CRYSTAL,
    I mean how can you not think it was some obscure heavy metal treasure?.

    But I was told later (can't remember by who) that it was progressive rock which ofcourse was a little dissapointment..
    However this will be a good chance to judge it from the music and not only the artwork.
    Thanks Marco!

    BTW I found this clip just a few days ago, it have some short video clips and photos of the band
    Seems like it have been released on CD (issued by the band?).
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    templarsteel wrote:Incredibly and insanely RARE as HELL !! Thank you ... But .. I wonder if it is that good .. ?!

    Decent hard/heavy progressive rock IMO!
    The last song on the LP "Rosa Fumetto" was totally awesome! (it's slow at the beginning but kicks in at 01:45)
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    NONSEINORMALE65,thanx alot!!Super rare and of top quality music!!Not metal at all,but very valuable for fans of the progressive scene!!I love(apart from metal) 70s progressive-hard bands and this album is influenced by that legacy!!"SU DI TE""is awesome, "SOLO DEI",equally great too!!AN UNEXPECTED TREASURE GIVEN TO US by grande NSN65!!Man,alll these rare gems offered,we must make a statue for you!!! porosimetal
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    Valid link added:
    Hidden Link

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